Monday, August 11, 2008

Last day for the giveaway

Contest details:

1. Submit a song suggestion for Aidan's new rockin' CD mix via a comment to this post.

2. Contest closes Tuesday, Aug 12th at midnight.

3. Winner will be chosen randomly by printing all comments and picking one out of a hat.

4. Winner will receive a dozen cookies made by Aidan and a mixed CD --either recent favorites of Aidan's mom or Aidan's new mix:-)

I'm addicted to Pioneer Woman contests and determined to win one *someday*, so I'm enjoying this little venture. Sorry, no $500 Amazon gift cards here--and no need to use the Randomizer either;-)

Everyone is welcome to leave a comment---even if you're just visiting because you googled "constipated baby" (and whomever that was yesterday, here's wishing you a full diaper and a good night sleep soon!). Just keep in mind, Aidan is six years old, so girls still have cooties and love songs aren't a big hit...yet.

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I love hearing from you!

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