Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Summer was...


Tball games in the early evenings.

Summer water w oranges web

Big jars of water with lemons or oranges.


Impromptu puppet shows.


Playing in the creek.

Backyard race web

Just-before-bed backyard races.

Seeds08 web

Seed collecting.

Sean and Elgin 08 web

Making new friends.

Salt web

Salt crystal experiments.

Shave ice web

Hawaiian shave ice.

Summer freckles web

Freckle-covered cheeks.

Aidan's strawberry sundae web

Aidan's ice cream creations (which he then illustrates in his Cooking With Aidan book).

Ohsoheavy web

Hamming it up for the camera.

Endless web  

Endless hours in the kiddie pool.

James n the giant peach web

Youth Garden theater.

Soccer camp web

Soccer camp.

Summer08 web

Towels drying on the deck.

Nolan Aug 08 web

Watching this guy grow way too fast.

It's supposed to reach 100 today, but once school starts, summer ends. Even though autumn is my favorite time of year, I find transitions difficult. It's been a glorious summer.

Inspired by Grace's Summer is series.

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