Monday, September 15, 2008

6 Months

Our baby is six months old.

6 months web

At six months old, Nolan ... growing so big.  Weight and height: 19 lbs, 10 oz; 27"

Nolan rockin web

I tried this baseball cap on him, that his brothers wore when they were all a month older, but no, it was already too late. They both had big heads, but man, this boy. BIG head.

Luckily, his Cubs cap from Gramare fits.

Nolan lovin the zoo web

...has discovered food. He has rice cereal made with prune juice each morning, and some pears or apples for lunch, and we've just started adding a veggie at dinner time. starting to sit on his own.

Teddy bass web obsessed with catching the teddy bears on his bassinet's mobile. He now sits in the bassinet. It's the perfect place for him while in our bedroom, and he gets so happy when he successfully captures one of those teddies!

...had his first visit to a zoo.

Nolan's 1st balloon web

...and his first balloon.

First teeth008edweb (Yes, I cropped out my hand that was pulling his lip down.)

...has his first two teeth. They broke through within days of each other. After a few touch-and-go days when I thought our nursing days might end abruptly (ouch!), Nolan's gotten the message and we're friends again.


...wants to chew chew chew all day long, on anything from his hand to his toes. Poor guy. I think it's only gotten worse since he cut his first two.

Dad n nolan at zoo web mesmerized by his daddy. Seriously has the head-turning ability of an owl if it involves watching his father:-) When Brian came home after 2 wks on a wildfire assignment, he thought Nolan didn't recognize him. I remember sitting everyone down to dinner, and Brian still holding Nolan, saying, "I'm not going to put him down until he knows me." But I think he knew immediately, and was just making sure he wasn't dreaming.

Nolan 6 months ed web laughing, laughing, laughing. There are few things in this world equal to the delight on the face of a little boy, say 6 or 3 years old, when he is able to make a baby laugh. Some random noise or movement will cause Nolan to laugh hilariously and then his brothers will try to recreate that exact noise or sneeze or whatever it was endlessly.

...has been joining us for story time and just lays between us, delighted. I know the days are coming shortly where he'll demand the book and tear pages, but right now he just listens and watches intently. chatting up a storm. "Aaaaa" which Aidan interprets as "Aidan" obviously.

A & N bit blurry web 

On almost a daily basis someone says something along the lines of what an easy-going baby he is, or how happy he is, or how content. We joke he should be ---he gets everything he needs or wants immediately! But we also know how very lucky and blessed we are.

Nolan on deck web 

He really is a happy, content little guy. It's seems too soon for him to be six months already, and as cliched as it sounds, it seems impossible to imagine he's only been with us that long. I'm looking forward to the time when he no longer wakes for a night feeding, but I'm also savoring this (brief) period when he is not yet mobile!

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