Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Favorites

Yeah, this was going to be a regular thing here, but then life happens.

Since I never left our tiny town this summer, very few new items joined our household. Overall that's a good thing. But these three items were "found" in August and have each been great additions.

 Popsicle Molds

Popsicle mold  Make your own popsicles with fruit juice or, our favorite, leftover smoothies. Our original set was more like this one, which I prefer because it caught drips. The boys obviously prefer these rocket ships though, and I do like that we can wash the ones that are used and refill them without waiting for the whole set to be used (does that make any sense?).8060_40

Sigg Water Bottle

No more plastic bottles in the recycling bin or concerns about BPA. And this kind is great for sending to school with little ones. 

Mini Buddha Board

I was thrilled to find this in a local store. I knew my boys would love the Buddha Board but I had always balked at the price. This mini version is $10. It's packaged as a card, but it is still a good size and keeps a certain three year old I know fully occupied at the table while his momma is cooking. Bonus: no mess & no papers to add to the Art Collection.


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