Wednesday, September 3, 2008

His Turn

Sean's first day of preschool web

He's still my baby.

Nevertheless, he's going to preschool 3 days a week for a couple hours. He is beyond ready, my little social butterfly. And still, despite having talked about it with excitement for days and danced his way to the car that morning, I had to peel him off me when it came time to say goodbye.

He had to have a superman backpack, just like his big brother's, even though it will remain empty other than on "show & tell" days.

Rayce and Miles, two of his best buddies, are in the class. Nolan gets some rare one-on-one time. It's all good. But good doesn't necessarily mean easy.

Seanbackpack web

On an easier  note, Brian is on his way home after 16 days (not that I was counting) in Oregon fighting a wildfire.

I know the boogie man doesn't really exist, and even if he did, the likelihood of him reading this site is pretty low, right? But I still thought I'd feel better, while lying awake at 2 am listening to all those sounds I never notice the house making when Brian is here, if I hadn't announced his absence.

His return, however, deserves announcing from rooftops. He's been missed mightily.

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