Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Mail Winners

Happy mail web 

Thanks to everyone who played along and satisfied my neediness for comments.  A few people chose to "delurk" via email, and I'm so glad to know who's here, as well as reconnect with one old friend. I'm still curious who's visiting from Tucson, Boston, Kennett or any of the other towns showing up frequently. We'll just have to enjoy a bit of mystery until the next give-away;-)

Someone asked what exactly Happy Mail is, which I had thought was a universal term for anything that shows up in your mailbox that isn't a bill or catalog. Someone else told me it can only be considered Happy Mail if you weren't expecting it. Rules shmules. Plus, you don't know when to expect it exactly, especially if it is being mailed by a woman with 2 little boys in tow!

Yummy mail web Yesterday I received a box of quintessential happy mail ---it contained something yummy, something good to read, and something homemade. So that's my new definition of Happy Mail.


First I want to apologize for making the contest so hard for y'all;-)

Only 3 people out of 12 got any wrong.

I should have just posted one photo and let you guess who it is...a little less obvious.

Boo web 

Even Bri and I have to think sometimes, since all three boys have worn the same outfits.

Kevin posted first---way to go, Little Bro!  Package going out next week.

And Aidan picked comment #8 (consistently his favorite number) for the random winner: Amy! I'll surprise you some day next week.

Thanks again, everyone!

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