Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Random Bits

Lil pumpkin web 

*The boys and their dad decorated the outside of the house for Halloween already. Tiny pumpkin lights are hanging from the roof of the porch,  and black tinsel garland is wrapped around the tree trunks; not exactly the look I was going for when I placed several pumpkins on our steps last week (which now adorn silly plastic face pieces). But it's a beautiful scene all the same time because the boys LOVE it, and love that their dad did it with them. So do I.

*I was going to post a photo of our Halloween tree when I realized I did last year...which also made me realize that, as of tomorrow, this blog will be a year old. Check back for a little contest and give away on the next post ---probably not tomorrow...but definitely this week!

Sean web

*Happiness: it's all about your perspective (or delusions, perhaps). Sean always wants to wear his Buzz Lightyear chonies, but yesterday only the lowly Thomas the Train undies were available. He put them on with a smile anyway and said, "Look, Mom, Buzz is riding a train today!"

* Michael Pollen is my hero. Wish he were asking some of the questions at tonight's debate!

*Two of my favorite posts from other blogs: Blue Yonder's Take Your Time and Brene Brown's Make Mistakes. I say "Hurry Hurry Hurry" every morning as we try to get in the car. And I say it all day long to myself, because I never feel like I do anything fast enough. Brown's whole series on parenting is so good, I bought the CD. Her insights reach well beyond parenting, but I especially love her insight that "we cannot give our children what we don't have."  So I'm trying to make "take your time" my new mantra and hope it spills over into my parenting as well. Here's the discovery this week---I have more time when I rush less.

Aidan at breakfast 

*Ali Edwards presented a project called A Week in the Life, and all of the ideas/suggestions are available online. I don't know when I'll get my photos off the computer and into an album, but I am grateful for the inspiration to take more photos of everyday-moments. Above is one of my favorites---Aidan waiting for his breakfast, all wrapped up in his yellow lovey, like he is every morning. The challenge was also a great way to implement some of the lessons from the photography class where I am way behind ("take your time").

*Much thanks to my friend Amy who is bring Sean home from preschool as I type this...which is allowing Nolan to finish his morning nap and for me to post!

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