Sunday, October 12, 2008

Seven Months

At seven months, Nolan...


* weighs 20 lbs and measures 28 1/2 inches long. Wearing size 12 months. It finally turned cool here, and I unpacked all these cosy pjs with feet only to find most of them were already too small. Oy.

*has a little oatmeal made with pear juice for breakfast, some apples for lunch and green beans or sweet potatoes for dinner, most days. We're going to brave the first finger foods this week, but I am anxious about the possibility of choking. Maybe just some mashed potatoes? This is my third child, and yet I have no memory of when it is safe to give a baby some Cheerios...

*holds his own sippy cup. We fill it with a little water and he loves to shake it and listen to the water but he still mostly just chews on it. The only one I could find that was BPA-free at Target also happened to be pink. So he is styling with a pink sippy:-)

Tough enough 4 pink

*goes to bed a little after 6 pm or a little after 8 pm depending on whether he took an evening nap...which usually depends on how many times that day he had to be woken up from a nap. Poor guy. He wakes at midnight to nurse, and some nights he nurses again around 3am before starting the day between 6 am and 7 am.

(one more month of these night feedings and then we're gonna get tough. Of course, he's heard that before...)


this is how Nolan looks when woken up from a deep sleep to go pick up or drive his big brothers somewhere. Sadly, this is the expression others see a lot.

After nap web

this is how Nolan looks when he gets to wake up on his own.

*has more hair, the majority of which likes to stand straight up. So cute:-)

*adores his big brothers. Sean sings the ABCs to keep him happy while I try to trim his nails. Aidan plays peek-a-boo from behind the couch and makes him laugh so hard he falls over. He's a lucky guy.

Look ma no hands web

* is incredibly easy-going and happy. We went out to dinner unexpectedly last night and he sat in a high chair and played and watched all the excitement. Same thing at mass this morning--just content to people-watch.

*has the most kissable toes ever created.

Beautiful toes web

*loves to give kisses, even though he hasn't quite learned how to pucker yet.

Nol's kissy face web

*has a third tooth, also on the bottom, and is drooling and chewing like the top two will show up tomorrow.

*is preparing for his role as Yoda at the end of the month (Aidan is dictating everyone's costume this year)

Yoda web 

*has us all pretty much wrapped around his finger :-)

Wrapped web

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