Friday, November 21, 2008

Eight months

8 months old web 

At eight months, Nolan is...

* ?? lbs and ?? inches, to be filled in later

* playing peek-a-boo, with a book, with a cloth napkin, with everything. He lifts it over his head (sometimes revealing his face) and waits for you to say "Where's Nolie?" and then drops it down and laughs. And so do we:-)


* going through a major case of "stranger anxiety". It took me a while to clue into it. I thought he was having a hard time getting over his cold, even though all the symptoms were gone. He was a little more clingy than usual, and while he would giggle and smile for us, out and about he gave everyone else a dead stare.

8months stranger fear web

(doesn't it look like he is protecting his Elphie? And, aren't those the cutest pants?)

I thought I was so clever getting a babysitter to be here during Brian's 40th bday bash, and he refused to go anywhere near her (despite loving her previously). Suddenly instead of flirting with my neighbor Carol, he would bury his head into my neck. I was complaining to my mom and she said, "Of course, he's eight months old. Right on schedule." Duh. It hadn't even occurred to me.

Hopefully he'll be over it by Christmas when we head to Chicago to see  his grandparents.

Teething 8M web

* teething again, which means drooling again, upper teeth to appear any day now.

Good eater web

* eating everything, even bits of pasta and LOVES when Daddy gives him pieces of crushed ice. Prefers sweet potatoes and fruit to green peas and green beans. It's clear already that he can't wait to feed himself.

Baby hands  baby hands, oh how I love them

* reading along with "the bigs" (aka: Aidan and Sean) these days. Favorites: any board book with photos of babies.

8 Nolie's new obsession web  

*super playful and curious. Latest obsession: the stacking cups. All 3 boys have loved these. You can't stack them fast enough for him to knock them down. Luckily he has two brothers who are willing to re-stack over and over. Loves bouncing in the office chair. Making music with my metal measuring spoons. Dropping said spoons over and over from his high chair while his gullible brothers pick it up over and over. 

*babbling and talking. Lots of da-da and ga-ga. Major conversation. And then this hilarious, deep grunting noise. No idea what that's about.

*sleeping better and worse. Some very good nights (like last night, a short 1 am feeding and otherwise sleeping from 6 pm to 6 am) and some rough days (like Monday when he only napped in my arms).

8monthsold043 web

*not crawling yet. Some backward scooting and up on his knees. Loves standing up, and, with our hard slate floors, even I---a devout believer in crawling first--can understand his desire to walk instead of crawl. 

For several reasons, this month has been a big challenger than others. But we couldn't be more grateful for our Lil Pumpkin, who makes us all laugh and smile, who loves kisses and cuddles, and is SO interested in everything and everyone long as his momma doesn't leave the room!

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