Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween 08

When I was little, Halloween was not even a day; it consisted solely of an evening. Now it is a month-long season. I tried resisting it, then embraced it. Because, reality is, every day is a costume day in our house anyway.

Firemen Nolan and Sean web

Sean was a Fire Chief for his preschool's party, and Nolan, his Deputy.

He's been wearing those fire boots every day since then. I love it.

Yoda Nolan web

On Halloween, as dictated by his oldest brother, Nolan was Yoda.

2008Halloween Luke Skywalker web

And Sean was Luke Skywalker.

2008Halloween Darth Vader web 

Aidan was Darth Vader, but I have to say, the sweetest Darth Vader. Sorry, Aidan.

Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker web 

Aidan held Sean's hand all through his school's parade of costumes.

2008Halloween web 

Good buddies joined us that evening as the boys made their rounds. So grateful for the neighbors who don't have young kids and still go all out.

2008Halloween Trick or treating gang web 

And so grateful for this little community of ours, for sweet friends and their sweet sons, for hot cider, and for way too much chocolate.

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