Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy 40th Birthday, Brian

Bri as a little boy web

These are my favorite four days of the year.

1st day of school Brian web

For these four days, Brian is two years older than me. I feel so young. And somewhat scandalous now, being with a FORTY year old!

Brian high school grad  

40 years ago the greatest guy I know came into the world.

Bri in Russia web

And all he wants for his birthday is Obama for president. Bush has caused him to gray prematurely. Okay, that was the cold in Russia, but still...here's hoping he gets his birthday wish.

Dear God, please let this day have a happy ending. Please.

5 Things about Brian I'm Grateful for...

Brian's workout web 

1. He really is the best father I know.

Brian's funny face web

2. He cracks me up. If not with a silly face, then with an deadpan line that I won't get until 5 minutes later. Or just by the way he says, "okey-dokee".

Bri the driver web

3. He likes to drive, grill, build, and fix things. These things didn't really matter to me when I married him, but today I'm very aware of how much easier they make my life.

Just Brian

4. The sound of his voice still makes my knees go weak.

The three Keating men web

5. He is a kind-hearted man. Pure-of-heart. I know that phrase might make him laugh, but it's true. Brian loves adventure and is 100x more daring than I am, but he doesn't play with other people's feelings. He's an obsessive-compulsive perfectionist when it comes to himself, but with others, he's generous and considerate. Patient and accepting. Fiercely loyal. We have different parenting styles, but I believe my own strengths as a mother come from having been with Brian for ten years before we had children.

Right after we started dating, a friend of mine told me how he had helped jump her car battery. She didn't really know him, but she remembered how he had given her his gloves to wear, as it was an icy cold Chicago night. Even then, I remember thinking how that was so Brian.

He's the kind of man who covers me with a blanket after I fall asleep unexpectedly. Says "bless you" when I sneeze, even if I'm in a different room. Reminds me to tell the waiter "no mayo" because I always forget and it ruins my sandwich. Calls to say good night when he's miles away.

The little things, which are really the big things. That's what I'm most grateful for.

Happy Birthday, Dude.

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