Friday, November 21, 2008

the bigs

Dance craze web 

Quick post about the big brothers.

The day after Halloween Nolan came down with a fever and cold that hung on for a week. Sean had to entertain himself a lot that week, and he took to coloring at the kitchen table with a passion.

3 yr old concentration web 

And, in proof of the benefits of benign neglect that my friend Deirdre Barber always espoused, Sean went from scribbling to drawing characters and by the end of the week, his figures had arms and legs for the first time. Now they even have fingers, though they often resemble claws.

My favorite thing in Nov web 

I can't express how much delight it brought to that rough week to have Sean present me with his latest work of art. During a normal week, I'm sure I would have balked at all the computer paper he kept bringing downstairs, and my own boredom would have led us outside or to other activities. I love the confidence he brings to his work, with such clear intent.

The same kind of intent and confidence with which he declared the red power ranger  (that he chose for Thursday's show-n-tell) was really a spiderman in disguise.  He kept referring to it as Spiderman, and I couldn't understand, if he wanted to bring a spiderman, why he didn't just pick one of the actual spidermen in his character box. But no, this was a special disguise.

My new favorite photo web

Not sure sure why, but the above photo has become my latest favorite.

And despite all my discouragement, Aidan is still "Ben-10" obsessed. He seems to come home every day with new information. "Mom, Dylan says Spidermonkey can climb..." "Mom, Simon told me that Grey Matter..."

And every time I take my camera out, he requests I capture his latest Ben-10 move:

Ben 10 at the dinner table web 

I may be the uncoolest mom ever because we don't get Cartoon Network (thank GOD), but you should have seen his face when I made him this:

AIdan 10 copy 

Because next month, it will be something else, I want to remember here that November was the month that Aidan decided swinging in the backyard was cool again.


He can't get enough of it.

Every day after school, after putting away his ice pack and hanging up his backpack, he asks, "Can I go outside?" which immediately leads to Sean asking the same question. I scored a Right Start baby swing for $4 at a Human Society sale last week that Bri already hung up (not pictured) so now Nolan can join them too.

It gets dark early now, and we have to drag them back inside. So grateful for this yard, for their brotherhood, for these boys.

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