Saturday, November 8, 2008


I cannot believe I have only one more year to be thirtysomething.

In college, my friends Maria and Kim held "thirtysomething" parties every Tuesday night. Cheap Boone's Farm wine and introspective TV. I don't mind that I'm going to be 40 next year, but I do find it inconceivable that I could ever be older than Michael and Hope.

I love my birthday, and I love lists. So here's one for this year...(I believe Hula Seventy was the main inspiration for my list. I love her numbered follow-ups as well).

40 things to do before I'm 40:
  1. Save photos to external hard drive
  2. Write down things Aidan and Sean say Using Ali Edwards' They Said notebook
  3. Submit some writing somewhere
  4. learn to use all the features on my camera (lots still to master but I can use 'em!)
  5. finish Sean and Nolan's baby books ...which would require that I finally...
  6. get photos printed Did several times but there's always more...
  7. celebrate Nolan's 1st birthday
  8. sew a tablecloth and napkins for our table (those should be easy for a novice, right?)
  9. sleep 8 hours consecutively at least once April 20th--first time in over a year. Thanks Nolie.
  10. cross "Office" off my to do list...finally  I learned the office will always need decluttering and reorganizing, but the big piles and mysterious boxes are gone. This was  a much larger task than I anticipated and took most of autumn to finish.
  11. finish a will and last directive
  12. renew my passport So simple but a challenge to make a priority. They even sent me back my PC one:-)
  13. A weekend away with Bri and no kids (with Nolie so young, maybe not this year. Maybe I should just aim for "uninterrupted conversation with Brian") I can't see leaving Nolan with anyone at this age, but we have had lots of good uninterrupted conversation, thanks to our babysitter Tori. The weekend will have to come in my 40s.
  14. Read Of Human Bondage  summer of 2010
  15. buy an old typewriter
  16. take my boys apple-picking
  17. get a basket & lock for my bike Mother's Day 2011
  18. make at least one DVD from videos of our kids Now a New Year's tradition
  19. have a family photo taken and framed
  20. drink only water, wine, or tea for a month This was my way of saying Give Up the Pepsi addiction. It worked.
  21. plan and take a trip that isn't to see extended family...a vacation! My 40th bday gift from Brian: a family vacation to San Diego!
  22. get rid of all nursing bras/clothes (the thought of nursing no more can make me sad or make me ecstatic, depending on the hour)
  23. memorize a list of US Presidents in order. My sister Elizabeth gave me the greatest gift of showing off my nerdiness in front of all my siblings. Priceless moment.
  24. fire pit in the backyard This turned into a huge back patio project, but Bri did it all.
  25. begin basement project  We start and stop, save again, start and stop. Likely to continue that way for a few more years.
  26. plan and facilitate a one-day retreat for moms (with Amy & Kathy's help!) We planned & I loved working with K & A, but the retreat was cancelled when only 8 registered.
  27. create Christmas least begin 
  28. research buying our own photo-booth for the living room & start saving;-)
  29. plant mums. Planted bulbs last month and swore I won't do it again for a couple years.
  30. learn to recognize at least 3 constellations
  31. take boys on letterboxing adventure (Brian has taken them Geocaching, but I finally took them on a Letterbox adventure to Culvert Canyon in the fall of 2013)
  32. take a photo of Nolan with his baby cousins Maria and Henry It's not necessarily a good photo of any one of them, but they are all together in it so I'm happy.
  33. sell something on ebay
  34. buy something on etsy (12/10: Xmas gift from heatheranndesigns)
  35. thin our strawberry patch
  36. start composting
  37. make homemade bread
  38. surprise Aidan at lunch April Fool's Day wooden lunch strikes again!
  39. win a giveaway at Pioneer Woman * 
  40. take my time, pay attention, cultivate gratitude
I'll cross them off here as they happen, though #40 will never be finished...

More to post, but off to sleep before my birthday ends. Cheers!

*ETA: #39--No, I never won a giveaway there, and fell out of the habit of reading that blog. I crossed it off anyway, because I won so much else online.

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