Friday, January 23, 2009

10 months old


I'm ten days late, but the photos are from the 12th or earlier. The new year began in full swing, and hasn't slowed down yet.

Nolan's Chicago cold turned into a sinus infection, so we had to give him antibiotics. When they measured him, he had grown 2" since his 9 month visit, so we're pretty sure the nurse just measured him wrong then. His weight was actually down an ounce or so, probably due to his cold and being on the move now.

Hard to believe he's been in the world now longer than he was growing in me (why does pregnancy seem so much longer?).

Marine crawl web 

At ten months old, Nolan is...

*on the move. He's still doing more of a marine belly crawl, but he is constantly pulling himself on everything/everyone and starting to cruise. This is both wonderful (he's growing up!) and horrifying (he's growing up!)...especially in a house with 100s of little lego pieces.

*cutting more teeth every week. I believe he has seven now...though at Christmas time he was sporting his top side teeth before his front teeth came in, which gave him this look:


*adoring his daddy more and more. Seriously complains when Brian leaves for work in the morning.

Cowboy nolan web 

*waving hi and goodbye now. Oh so cute. Need to get video of this before too long.

*wanting to feed himself. I'm looking forward to not buying baby food, but I need to give more thought to his meals now. He loves mashed potatoes and soft chunks of sweet potatoes, as well as cooked carrots. He even tried a bite of tuna and some mushrooms last week (which is probably earlier than any baby book would recommend, FYI). He loves cut-up orange sections and bananas, pieces of grapes not so much.

*starting to sign. Definitely signs "all done" but I can't always tell if he is signing "more" or just clapping (since he is always clapping!).


*enjoying all his Christmas treasures. His favorite toys continue to be the old stacking cups that Aidan loved at his age too, my metal measuring spoons, and the parrot from Aidan's Little People Pirate Ship. Gotta have the parrot!

*loving his Handy Mandy toolbox from his Uncle John & Aunt Angie. The tools do a little dance and Nolan boogies to it too:-) Too cute.

Crackin himself up web 

*capable of cracking up himself and the entire family with his funny facial expressions.

*getting more and more vocal. One of the older ladies at church commented on his singing;-O

MA and Nolie web 

*getting past his stranger anxiety a bit. He let Mary Alice hold him as long as he could see me & had no tears when Tori came to babysit last Saturday night (though we came home between dinner and a movie to put him to bed).

*still a big fan of the ABC song & Patty Cake, but now prefers Old McDonald (Aidan and Sean have added a versus where McD's farm has a baby that goes "wah wah wah").

Untamable hair web 

*sporting some wild hair these days. It looks so cute for the first 10 minutes after his bath, and then it has a mind of its own.

*wearing 18M or 2T depending on the brand. Crazy. Even a few 2T shirts won't fit over his big noggin.


*the most beautiful boy, with lots of hugs and kisses to give away, who still loves to nestle his head against his mom or dad, who lights up at the sight (or sound) of his big brothers, and who, it is already obvious, can't wait to start exploring this world on his own.

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