Friday, January 2, 2009

Gifts of the Season, Part 1

 We are home. Is there a more beautiful word in the English language?

I want to add one more week to December. All this momentum toward the 25th and then you blink and the new year is here. I want more time--time to decompress, process the past few weeks, put away all the Christmas decor and find places for the plethora of new toys, time to fill out the new calender, write my "best" list, set goals and gain a little perspective on 2008.

I'm reading Nigel Slater's Kitchen Diaries (thanks Cousin Barb!) and he says the new year always begins for him once he has thinned his raspberry patch in January, rather than when the clock strikes and the music plays. When does your new year start?

My new year really starts in September with freshly sharpened pencils, but I play along with January anyway. I need as many fresh starts as I can get.

I can't, however, start the new year until the old one is packed up a the next few posts will attempt to catch me up.

These photos are all from before we started our holiday journey. Bits I want to hold on to...

Dec snow web 

Snow here is a rare treat. Aidan and Sean had been praying for it daily, so I let Aidan go to school late that day. So glad I did---it was all gone by the time he came home that afternoon. 

Aidan 08 web

We went with brown paper packages tied up with string (& a bit of mailing tape) as wrapping paper this year---Sean and Aidan helped illustrate them:-)

Hand me down slippers web 

Found Aidan's snowman slippers to keep Nolan's toes warm in Chicago (and then promptly lost one in Chicago).


Our 2nd annual caroling at Dave's Corner Market. You can hardly tell Bri is holding Nolan up at the edge there. Great fun was had until...

Ouch web 

...Sean fell face first on gravel. He bit his lip and freaked himself out with the blood that produced, but really we were very lucky. He was proud to show off his owie a few hours later.

The world's best soup web 

The world's very best soup. If you haven't made this yet, why not?

Funny hat web

Possibly the greatest gift of winter this year: the excuse to dress Nolan in all sorts of funny warm hats:-)

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