Sunday, February 15, 2009

11 months


Exactly one month left till Nolan's first birthday (or it was on the 12th when I started this post).

Sweet Kris posted so positively about her oldest daughter turning 13, I feel a bit remiss lamenting the first birthday. There are great things about every stage of being a parent, I realize. But I also have to be honest.

This is my least favorite stage.

Seems that for most of my good friends, the infant stage was the hardest. I love those early days, as exhausting as they are. Probably in no small part due to my having three easy-going babies, no problems nursing, and Brian at home for the first four weeks. The sound of a baby crying tears my heart and could send me over the edge, so I'm grateful we didn't have to deal with a finicky or colicky infant-hood.

Still, even more so than crying, I have low-tolerance for my children experiencing pain. I realize pain is part of life, and a great teacher, and that if I let Nolan bump his head when he crawls under the dining room table, perhaps he would stop crawling under there.

But that isn't going to least not on my watch.

Busy guy at 11 m web Nolan is at the stage when we get to relish his sense of humor, his affection, and his sense of adventure. I love it, except for when I don't. He is also at the almost-walking stage, other wise known as the fall-down-a-lot stage. The bump-your-head stage, crawl-over-to-every-outlet stage, explore-every-plant stage. The looking-for-ways-to-hurt-myself-or-scare-my-mom stage.

I tell myself all the time that my job isn't to protect my children from all pain, but to give them the strength and resilience to meet life's pain and move on and find joy.

And I hope I'll be able to live by that when I let them go out into the world and learn first hand about meanness or prejudice. Or about rejection or loss and heartbreak. Thankfully that kind of pain is still far in the future (I hope). Today it is about rushing over, and putting the cord out of reach, and easing his fall. At least until the next stage.

Enough about about him!

Nolan at 11 months...

*has a total of 6 teeth, and two more cutting through

*LOVES "Signing Time" and especially the "Silly Pizza Song"

Banana boy web

*wants to eat whatever we're eating, and has refuted the idea that a stomach is only as big as a fist... (anyone else see the slight grin above after he managed to grab the banana I wasn't feeding him fast enough?). Loves frozen peas, broccoli, toast, strawberries, pears, chicken broth...just about everything.

*plays ball with his brothers, rolling and attempting to throw it.

*is scooting, crawling, pulling up and "cruising" everywhere

Happy guy web

*has enough hair now that it actually stays on his head instead of floating up above him. So cute.

*crawls over to the speaker box and does his little rock dance till I turn on the music.

Swinging nolie web

*Loves to swing outside.

*laughs as he tries to tickle us!

Mr smiles web

*wants you to come to his little Birthday Bash next month!

These are the occasions when I really feel the impact of living so far from family. We're grateful though for the family we've stitched together of good friends and will put together some kind of celebration for next month---some kind of giveaway here too, for all of you who have shared in each of Nolan's milestones. Stay tuned.

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