Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Alien Ice Game

I've been meaning to post about this game, because I see dozens of people clicking over here from Green Jello's Ben 10 post every week.

Images My son had a Star Wars party for his 6th birthday and this was a game we played outside, using a frozen Han Solo figure. Extremely simple and a big hit. I suggested Anne adapt it for a Ben 10 party by freezing an alien figure.


Here are the details (way too many details for such a basic game...but if Anne's description wasn't enough, I might as well go into it):

If you have any of the Ben 10 aliens or a small Ben 10, place one in a small plastic bowl and cover it with water, then freeze overnight.

The day of the party, we poured just enough warm water over the bowl to get out the large ice cube with a frozen alien (actually  Han Solo) within it. We told the boys that an enemy had frozen the alien and their job was to free him as fast as they could. 

  WJBCAPBAMKKCA5H60A6CA1CK7JLCAJ0YUMOCAK39GG8CAR2APD7CA0KTBWUCAFCIQH0CAD7P7DACAI2ONLYCA0NPE9PCAE28CVSCAQDYKS7CA7RBSCRCAIR7J7XCAENNB5FCA4H9MR2CAQ12X29 We put a large bucket of warm water at one end of the yard and gave each boy a small plastic bowl (e.g. the Ikea ones) to use. At the other end of the yard was a stool with a large metal bowl holding the big ice cube. The boys had to fill their bowls with water from the bucket, run across the yard without spilling if possible, and pour it on the ice cube until the alien was free.

That's it---crazy, I know. But the boys loved it for a few reason--we didn't do a relay, so they weren't bored, waiting for a turn. They all went back and forth at the same time, but the challenge of getting there fast without spilling had them all going at different speeds and concentrating. And if they are young enough, they are fascinated by the whole water melting ice phenomena.

If it were a large group, then you might want to set up two different groups and have them racing to see who can free their alien first. I liked that we were able to do it as a cooperative game rather than as a competition (they were all striving to go back and forth as fast as possible---to do their own best).

For weeks afterward, I would find a frozen action figure in my freezer. My sons loved just freezing and melting them over and over.

Other game ideas: draw a large Ben10 and have the boys "pin the omnitrix" on him; and play charades where they have to pretend to be one of the aliens and the boys guess which one.

Hope that helps---and a thank you to Christine & her son---their email got me to finally write this post!

Edited to Add: I added info on creating Ben 10 Bingo and included a photo to use with all the aliens here. Scroll down to #3.

I'd be happy to send jpg files of the Bingo playing cards we made to anyone who'd like them. Just email me. We played it two ways---with the letters as in "B--Spidermonkey", and without the letters, and definitely preferred the latter---made for a faster game.

I do have one request---if you found any of this information helpful, please read my recent post about Shriners Hospital and vote for the Perfectly Imperfect project. It won't cost you anything but a few minutes of your time. Thank You!

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