Saturday, February 21, 2009

happy list

I love reading your Oscar predictions. If you haven't voted yet, click over here from bloglines/google reader or whatever, and VOTE now. 1st prize is a pair of movie tickets; random prize is the soundtrack from Slumdog Millionaire (Aidan will pick a number so you have a chance on that one just by commenting). I'll turn off comments before the show starts tomorrow.

I'm not crazy about any of the movies this year, and I'm still excited about tomorrow. The Oscars just make me happy.

Other things making me happy lately:


1. Valentine crayon hearts.

2. Qubo's Make Your Own Zimmer Twins Movie. Seriously cool way for kids to learn about story-boarding, animation, plot, and more.

Aidan's made three so far, completely on his own (with 1st grade spelling & humor). I'm just grateful that the sound effects options didn't include his current favorites, burping & farting.


3. Snagging a "lil stinker" on ebay.

4. This blog and this artist. I love "Looking Up".

5. Brian taking the bigs for a hike. Do they have any idea how lucky they are to grow up here?

Lucky boys web

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