Thursday, April 9, 2009


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I haven't abandoned this blog. At least that wasn't my intention. Our internet service has gotten funky lately---completely unable to open Google Reader, though no problems with hotmail.

Brian is using this as an opportunity to strong arm me into going with a new provider package that would include satellite TV. I'm still on the fence.

We didn't own a TV for the first eight years of our relationship. So I tease Bri that I didn't know him as a TV watcher when I committed to him. He doesn't watch a lot of shows...I'm not sure he watches any shows. He just flips around.

I'm not anti-TV. I love stories and love TV shows that tell stories well. Sadly, there don't seem to be many of them that do, at least not on basic (as in all of 12 channels) cable. We shall see. (ETA: okay, maybe I am a little anti-TV. There are just always 101 other things I'd rather be doing.)

Front yard April 09 web

It's spring here, so the tourists are back. I'm trying to be grateful for the economy they bring our community, instead of just swearing to myself about the way they drive. Do we all leave common sense at home when we go on vacation?

Lots of small and big moments that I'd like to capture I'll be back Monday and start posting regularly for the last hurrah. Thanks for checking in, and Happy Easter!

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