Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter '09

Easter 2009 web

The problem with time off from the blog is that there is too much to catch up on, so I don't begin.

I hope to go back and fill in on Aidan's and Nolan's birthday posts, and write one about Spring Break, but that will have to wait.

Otherwise the list will just get longer.

Rise and Shine Easter 09 web

We celebrated Easter last Sunday. I ended up teaching our little Sunday School, which more than doubled in honor of the holiday. For the past month or so I'd been teaching the kids the song "Rise & Shine," which my older sisters will recognize from our Camp Vista days. I was so happy even the older kids participated. After the peace sign they all walked up to the altar and led the whole congregation.

April09_009 web 

When we started attending this church, there weren't any children there on Sundays. We knew a family with two boys, but they were traveling that summer. Slowly, more and more families have been joining our parish. I believe there are many ways to "keep holy the Sabbath," but I'm thrilled for our sake that there are more children with whom to celebrate now!

Nolan and his daddy on Easter 09 web

How sweet are these two guys?

Aidan and Sean were not happy to see the camera come out. They wanted to hurry to the Easter egg hunt.

We want candy notphotos web 

Don't they look thrilled? At least they had a comrade in their pain.

Amazing how the threat of no more jelly beans can produce smiles:

Smile or else web 

Easter 09 my boys and me web

I know...I'm one lucky momma.

This is my new favorite photo of Nolie and me:


Thank you, Brian, for taking it (I am often giving him grief that there are 1001 photos of him and our kids and none of me with them).

Brian colored eggs with the bigs, for the second year in a row, while I was getting Easter clothes ready. He also did the Easter Bunny shopping since he got to leave town (he was out of town for 2 wks in a row, with a weekend at home in between--thank goodness! My hat is off to all single parents.). The traditional spring jammies and a book for each boy as well as sweets and a "Tom & Jerry" Dvd. The bigs are crazy about Tom & Jerry, despite my best efforts to convince them it is mostly mindless violence;-)

There was Masters golf, a big dinner, some over-sugared boys running around, and a nice walk with the whole family at the end. I'm grateful for a sweet Easter with all of us together.

Hope you are all enjoying a warm spring and Happy belated Easter!

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