Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Last Post

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I'll leave this post up for a week and then the site will be closed. Probably just password protect it while I work on creating the blurb book. I'm afraid if I don't stick to this May 1st deadline, I might change my mind.

I really enjoy reading blogs (despite the unfortunate term "blog"), and as Katherine at Any Day a Beautiful Change put it when comparing them to Facebook, "I ultimately prefer to read a handful of thoughtful paragraphs than two hundred pithy sentences." I'm grateful to close friends who now blog & make the miles between us seem all that much shorter. Grateful too to those who have become friends as their thoughtful paragraphs made me laugh or nod or think, or all three.

I won't stop reading them, but I am going to take a month off. From Google Reader and the Internet in general. I'll check email every other day or so, use Shutterfly and two other sites for other commitments, and I'm hoping that's all for the month of May. Because I'm an all-or-nothing girl, because there is so much I want to accomplish near my computer but never seem to, and because I'm curious to see if I can.

I may blog again, in the fall, or use some platform for photo sharing with family. I don't know. Let me know if you want to know if/when I do.

I'm grateful to everyone who visited here and gave me motivation to keep posting, to capture a bit of these common hours in our family. Thank you for coming!

My favorite posts are always lists, so I'd like to end with one too.

5 Things I'm Grateful for Right Now...

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1. Each of my sons. I've been a bit tired lately---as Brian is working 2 jobs, between his job and our yard, which means I am too. I'm burnt out on meal planning and grocery shopping and preparing/cooking and cleaning up the kitchen throughout the day. Burnt out on laundry and housework and all of that. Burnt out on not being able to finish the simplest of tasks sometimes. But I don't burn out on caring for these boys. Some days I find it harder than others to balance the other roles with my most important one, but I relish time with these boys. They make me laugh, tell me stories, give me spontaneous hugs. That's pretty much everything I've ever wanted in life.

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2. Reading with Aidan. I know Aidan can read, but I'm still startled by it sometimes. The four of us were on a walk this afternoon and I stopped to read a sign and heard Aidan start reading it aloud behind me. Total reality check.  We read Treasure Island last month---which was a huge treat for me. I'd never read it, and guess what---it's REALLY good. Anyone know if Kidnapped is as good? We've just started 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea yesterday. I love our boys excitement when we start a new book, and their eagerness to continue when it's a good one.


3. Nolie-Cannoli. What a difference a month can make...I suppose that is the theme of the entire first year. We were weaning, then he got strep, so we have to start all over. He still wraps my hair around his fist while he's nursing, as if to say, "Don't you dare put me down if I fall asleep now."  He laughs SO much. He loves tickling other people...and watching him do it is hilarious so it works. He eats, and eats, and eats. And this makes him laugh too. He's starting to talk, beyond the babbling, just the littlest bit, and yet at the same time, it seems so clear what he means to communicate. And there are those moments when we all look at each other and say, "Did you see that? I told him to drink his milk and he did. He understands everything!" He cocks his head to the side and grins at you when he's in trouble...he knows he's cute. He complains whenever his brothers get to go outside without him. He loves the new playroom and is playing more and more beside the Bigs, thrilled that they are including him, but he'll still come over to me every so often and just rest his head on my lap. That's his signature move. And then he's off playing again.

I know that was an entire post in itself, but I'm trying to squeeze it all in here, one last time.

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4. Introducing Sean to T-Ball.

Of course after posting about him on his birthday, the rest of the day I kept thinking of little things and wondering how I could have not included them. The way he makes up songs, especially while sitting in the bathroom. Sometimes they are about that day's superhero, but usually they are about how much he loves his family. "Oh how I love my family"...and usually for my benefit ("Mom, did you like my song I made up? It was about how much I love our family.")

5. The chance to write here, the visitors who came here, the memories captured here.

October 2007-April 2009 and over 200 posts. Thanks so much for stopping by. It's been grand.

"Be well, do good work, keep in touch." - Garrison Keillor

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