Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend Recap

I wasn't looking forward to this weekend. What was supposed to be a girls' weekend away, full of long talks and pretty paper, had turned into a weekend of solo parenting, with Brian working hard on rototilling our backyard.

And yet it was lovely and good.

I seemed to come out of a fog I've been in, after a series of minor disappointments and setbacks. I wish I could put my finger on exactly why.

Was it Lori's post about how we set the tone for our families?

Was it having Buzz Lightyear join our family for a few days?


Was it the  incredible weather that turned a walk to the library into a walk to the park?

Running on Sunday morning to Indigo Girl's "Hammer & a Nail"?

The red wine with Saturday's very carnivore-friendly dinner?

Reading the ideas at First Ourselves via a link at Stacy Julian's site?

Watching Nolie take his first wobbly steps?

Nolie and Buzz web

Having all 3 boys fresh from a bath at the same time?

Having a good-looking guy breaking a sweat in my backyard?

Bri roto web 

Having the same guy never let me feel like a solo-parent when he's around?

The blue flax blooming?

Crossing some items off the never-ending TO DO list?

I never seem to know what turned me around, and still I wish I could capture the moment that does it so as to get out of the fog faster next time. I suppose it isn't any one moment, but a combination of good choices, good people, good food for the body and soul, and maybe just time.

We watched "Doubt" Friday night and "The Reader" Saturday, and while neither is a pick-me-up sort of movie, time next to Bri on the couch is always good therapy.

The boys helped me with the Toy Library project, which is basically my attempt to only allow so much plastic junk out at once. We took photos of toys, because they are very concerned about forgetting what isn't spread out on their floor, and that led to elaborate scene productions.

CN web 

Also got some solo office time on Sunday evening, finally moving a bookcase downstairs, and having a sweet (no longer sweaty) guy deal with all the wires/cords involved in moving my computer. The new playroom/former dining room is coming along slowly.

Still haven't thinned the strawberry plants, or 101 other items on the list, but now all energy will go toward celebrating Sean's 4th birthday. And thanks to Nolan allowing me to get the first solid night's sleep in over a year last night, there actually IS some energy (yay, I can cross #9 off the list!).

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