Thursday, June 30, 2011

Why Blog?

When I was pregnant with Nolan, I started a typepad blog. I posted consistently through the pregnancy, and Nolan's first birthday. Then I closed it.

Mainly because I worried about privacy but also didn't want a photo-less blog. I still wrestle with it---my blog is basically a scrapbook: words + photos, so why do it publicly? And yet, doing it publicly definitely contributed to my consistency. I didn't want to slack publicly (slacking privately must be okay though, thus my empty scrapbook albums).

I don't know if I'll keep this blog private or public or even keep it, but I'm venturing into a blog again, and the main reasons to do so remain the same, so I'm lifting from my first post back in 2007:

Why blog?
  • Because putting thoughts into words always eases my mind.

  • Because part of me is always compelled to share a good find, whether a recipe, website, or book.

  • Because so many of our friends and family live far away. My favorite thing about a blog is that you don't send it to people---they only come if they want to. So I could use it to share photos with aunts & uncles...we'll see. For now, I'm stealing Mike Birbiglia's line...this is my "secret public journal."

  • Because I've always been overly aware of my own mortality, and parenting only heightens that. I plan to be around for a very long time, and hope to dance at my grandchildren's weddings, but if not, this could be a record for my children. Brian has strict instructions to burn all my personal journals, but this is a more public record. A glimpse, perhaps, for them, into who I was (or wanted to be) when they were young and who they were too, at least in my eyes.

  • And because I want a record of these days, when my children are still young. Ultimately, I am my own audience here, and the blog is for me. Already when I look back at the last few years, it is all a blur. I want to take more photos. I want to capture those little moments that you think you'll always remember but ultimately forget.

"We have stories to tell, stories that provide wisdom about the journey of life. What more have we to give one another than our 'truth' about our human adventure as honestly and openly as we know how." -Rabbi Saul Rubin

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