Monday, July 25, 2011

Aidan's take on Greek Myths

The Best Books on Greek Mythology (that I've read)
by A.O.K.

 Rankings are from 1 (terrible and horrible) to 10 (the best ever).

The Random House Book of Greek Mythology by Joan Vinge and illustrated by Oren Sherman.
 "This is the first book of Greek Mythology I read. I found it at my school library. It was pretty cool, especially the illustrations.And information on every single god.  As I read more and more, the Greek myths made more sense to me.  I recommend it for 7 to 15 yr olds."
Aidan's Rating: 9-10

The Orchard Book of Greek Myths Retold by Geraldine McCaughrean and illustrated by Emma Chichester Clark

"I got this book in my Easter basket. At first I liked it a lot. Now I see that it is really missing a lot of myths. The illustrations are the best part, and look like a kid drawing. There were supposed to be four pomegranate seeds but it says six--lots of facts wrong."

Aidan's Rating: when I first read it: 8, but now that I see how much it's missing: 3
Really more for a younger kid.

Myths and Their Meaning by Max J. Herzberg

"An old book of my mom's from when she was a teacher. Now it's mine. It gave an inspiring feeling to me, even though I really hated that it had stuff about the Romans (they STINK!)."
Aidan's Rating: 8-9
[Editor's note: also has a chapter on Celtic myths that my Irish boy says he'll read *someday*]
Tales of the Greek Heroes by Roger Lancelyn Green
"I really liked this for a long time, even right now, because first of all, it's introduced by one of my favorite authors, Rick Riordan, author of the Percy Jackson series (totally hilarious!). Second of all, because it told almost everything true. It even had the battle of the Giants and Heracules' tragic death. The black and white illustrations were cool. I'd say it's for all ages."
Rating: 10+ 

And, even though these are a series of novels, they have to be included since they ignited Aidan's passion for mythology:

Rating: 9-10

Another editor's note: Aidan has read each of these numerous times, and even though he's highly critical of McCaughrean's Greek Myths, I've heard him retell her version of Medusa verbatim, so I'd still recommend it.
 If you have any other Greek mythology recommendations, or books for a 9 yr old boy in general, please share in the comments.  

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