Saturday, July 9, 2011

You know there might be danger involved...

when you overhear your eldest son giving his last will and testimony to his brothers.

He eventually changed it several times during the course of their Bunkbed Olympics, but I was reading in the living room when I first heard Aidan declaring:

"I leave Bowzer to the whole family. I leave my wii to Sean. I leave my derby car to Nolan. And I want the lava lamp buried with me."
Bowzer is his fish. The lava lamp is a new addition to their bedroom, compliments of Brian's Grateful Dead era.

I got up, looked in, and decided to capture it on video before putting an end to it. Youtube required me to switch the Van Halen song for a new one. One of Aidan's goals for the summer is to learn how to edit video. Don't know how far we'll get with his hour-long version of Perseus vs Medusa, but this was a good start.


  1. Wahoo wahoo wahoo!!! I'm your biggest blog fan...SERIOUSLY!

    I love your boys and wish we were about 4000 miles closer.

  2. Yay, Stephanie! You are my mama-guru & inspiration. Next time we gather, I'll be bringing a laptop and asking you to help me "slurp" this blog (assuming I don't desert it!).
    You & Angie are the only two I've shared the url with so far...not sure if it will go public, but it was SO nice to see your comment pop-up! Come move to Moab, at least for the winter!

  3. Oh, I can't get enough of this silly video Deirdre. Seriously funny with Nolan being put in the closet! I thought about showing it to the kids, but then remembered that we also have a bunk bed and I'm not really up for leaps from the sky ;)

  4. Okay, so I showed the video to the kids this morning...they are off to build a pit now. I'm a bit worried as Lotus is very enthusiastic and I don't think he'll agree with watching from the closet ;)

  5. Hee hee, CeCe! We claim no responsibility for any injuries sustained or years taken off Mama's life by just watching her children jump:)

    We've always had a strict "no jumping off" policy, and thankfully they get that it was a rare event. Nolie was content just to jump into the pit from the floor, but I could see Lotus doing the real thing!

    I love the comment about not showing the kids followed by the next day's "I showed them"---that's totally me too!


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