Saturday, August 20, 2011

20 on the 20th: Us Right Now

When I think about what I want to capture in this space, it is the details that are ever changing. I hope to do this monthly or at least seasonally, capturing current details about each of us.

nolie at sl web
  1. has just moved into a bottom bunk in Aidan & Sean’s room (they all have opted to share the same room), about which he’s thrilled. Thrilled is the perfect word to describe him right now---so full of enthusiasm. And full of big transitions.

  2. is taking two steps forward and one step back each week in the giving up diapers department. Let me just say the cheap plastic IKEA potty chair is the way to go, so easy to clean.

  3. is party-obsessed. He cried when the last our of guests left the Full Moon party last week (and waved from his bedroom window as the Wallings drove away), but calmed down when he learned there was a baptism party the following day. “Party today?” is one of his first questions each morning.

  4. reminds us to say grace at dinner, and always says the same exact one (wish I could transliterate his pronunciation): “Please Mama back hurt no more, daddy no more fires, Sean no more potty talk, Aidan no more bye bye. Amen.” The only one that changes (and that we can’t always understand) is his prayer for Aidan. Sean’s been getting in trouble for cracking his brothers up at the table with potty humor. So even though Nolan is his biggest fan in this department, he prays for Sean’s comedic redemption.

nolie pushing aidan
Nolie’s song of the moment (and always): “You Are My Sunshine”

2011 08 09_snapshots_Sean
  1. starts 1st grade next week, which means a full day of school for the first time. I can’t imagine not having lunch with Sean every day. He tries to imitate Aidan and say school is a pain, but he can’t hide how excited he is to go back.

  2. is thrilled to be on a top bunk, and not so thrilled to be working on his biking skills. “Of coursely” as Sean would say, he’s getting better daily.

  3. was Spiderman obsessed last month. We debated lunch boxes for days---I wanted another Laptop Lunch box like Aidan’s, he wanted one of the cheap Spiderman boxes from our grocery store. We compromised with this one, which should be able to fit a bento-like box.

  4. is (as predicted) completely over Spiderman now and obsessed with Green Lantern. But says he’ll be Harry for Halloween. Lots of Green Lantern drawings around here. The most money-minded of us, he’ll often ask how much I think someone might pay for one of his drawings.

2011 08 05_seven peaks_aidan and sean acting crazy
Sean’s song of the moment: “American Pie”

2011 08 09_snapshots_Aidanweb
  1. has reread all seven Harry Potter books this summer, and reread the Percy Jackson series. Definitely in need of a new series of books. Has checked out several from the library, most of which leaving him saying, “Meh.”

  2. endured an hour of our principal explaining  how to drive through the drop off lane and the new attendance policy in detail. I promised him we’d never attend another Back-to-School night again. Constantly debating the homeschooling vs. public schooling  decision.

  3. is lamenting having spent all his savings on the new Lego Universe game during our trip to Target in July, only to learn that it only works for one month unless you are willing to pay a monthly fee for the rest of your LIFE.  Seriously, LEGO Co. what happened to you?

  4. eats at least three green apples a day. Asks for soda daily despite knowing the answer. Hubba-Bubba obsessed.  Plans on being Green Lantern for Halloween as of today. Bummed his best friend Hayden isn’t in his class this year.

aidan's first time mowing web
Aidan’s song of the moment: “I Want Candy”  ---the version from “Hop”

  1. stayed up way too late this week making the above canvas (thanks to Groupon) and a “Homework Tool Box” thanks to the $40 off BEGINANYWHERE code for  Paper Coterie.

  2. got four inches of her hair cut last night. Note to self: next year, cut it in June.

  3. let the boys watch “Abbott & Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” online, despite it not being a “movie day”. The hysterical laughter that ensued was worth it.

  4. got a phone call from New Zealand on Sunday that made her day. Despite giving up hope that Annabelle will ever live nearby again, I’m thrilled (just like Nolan!) that our lives still have so many parallels and we can laugh over the phone if not over cups of tea now.

Deirdre’s song of the moment: “Brighter than the Sun”

brian web
(That’s not his real smile but he was a good sport about my getting a snapshot in good light.)
  1. has more energy than anyone I’ve ever known, even when he’s tired and catching my cold. We got our carpets cleaned this week and he moved all our furniture into the playroom and then back. Rode Dead Man's Loop three times this month. He brought up the 2nd bunk bed set from storage and put it together…all while I was making dinner. Crazy.

  2. is going to see “The Help” with me, despite his current delusion that he’ll get a pass & I’ll see it with my book club.

  3. has had to hire two people this year, and just learned he’ll now have to hire a third. Resumes, interviews, oh fun.

  4. has been on call for two weeks that ends at midnight tonight. *sigh of relief*

Brian's song of the moment: Mr. Sirius Radio doesn't have a "favorite" but he did blast Aidan's favorite for our entire neighborhood as we drove away for our final Hawaiian shaved ice of summer.

And that’s a snapshot of us, right now.


  1. you cute four inches off your hair and don't post a picture of yourself. seriously? seriously? would love to see the new hair-do.

    what a fund way for me to get to know all your boys a little bit better. Your boys all seem so charming and good and kind. . . I know pictures give a tainted view of personality. . . but I have it on good authority they are like their mother.

  2. Serious, Steph. Until you teach me how to get rid of a double chin in Photoshop Elements, you won't see my photo often:)

    Don't know about charming, but kind & good describes them well. *Someday* we have to get the Bacon & Keating boys together!


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