Monday, August 29, 2011

2011 First Day of School

Take your time and see if you can figure out who was a bit more excited about the start of school.
My nine year old?

2011_08_23 Aidan's first day of 4th grade webweb sharp Sean's first day of 1st grade

or my six year old?

Of course Aidan’s expression may have as much to do with my dorky signage as the impending school year.

After the mind-numbing “attendance policy” tutorial we attended  (billed as “Back to School Night”), I started second-guessing our whole home-schooling vs. public-schooling decision. The only thing I contemplate more than this decision is my inner debate about where the line is between being a conscientious parent and being a mom who second-guesses herself ad nauseum.


They CHOSE to dress “like twins” (which they did again on Friday that week). I love our little family, and am more content when we are all home together than anywhere else. Aidan is always coming up with his own projects fueled by his curiosity (after tonight’s homework, he went upstairs and created a flip book). So school sometimes feels  like nothing more than a stealer of precious time.

And then there’s Sean, the extrovert in a family of introverts. He’s actually become shyer in the past year, but he still thrives on being social.

They were determined to take the bus together on the first day. I said sure, but then it hit me---no photos of them walking into the school, of them with their teacher on the first day. Perhaps all this did occur to Aidan…


Nolan and I found an excuse to stop by school anyway. Those reams of copy paper and big kleenex boxes were too bulky for the bus. And Sean forgot his water bottle.

wait for me Sean to Aidan copy

I’m so glad we did. They both have amazing teachers. I knew this already; Aidan’s teacher is a friend. But I needed to see it too. To see them both happy there. I overheard Aidan tell his friend Alex this weekend that his teacher is “awesome”, and Sean practically leapt into my arms at the bus stop that afternoon, overflowing with tales all the way home.


Then someone channeling his inner Larry King demanded I take his photo as well. His first day of preschool  is tomorrow.

I don’t know if I’ll be dancing in the streets at the prospect of free time, or curled up in a ball crying that my baby is growing up. But there is no second-guessing this decision---the boy is ready!

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  1. dying to know, how did the first day of preschool go for YOU!!!! what cute boys, and what an exciting time of year. love the post.


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