Friday, August 19, 2011

Full Moon Fever

2011 08 13_carol tom firepit web

I can’t remember where it came from, but we got the crazy idea to send off summer with a little party to celebrate the full moon on August 13th.

2011 08 13_full moon flowers

Brian and the boys were so cooperative & supportive of my wish to have this party be a little more pretty than our usual firefighter BBQs or boys’ birthday parties. Especially Bri who got the yard ready. We had caprese kabobs, lots of fruit, fresh salsa & chips, and s’mores. Dark & Stormies were the surprise hit.

2011 08 13_grapes and strawberries web
2011 08 13 fullmoon watermelonweb

Over twenty friends joined us around the campfire pit on the patio Brian built last year. He even strung lights per my request on our mulberry tree.

2011 08 13 full moon balloons web

Unfortunately, thanks to cloud coverage, the balloons were the closest thing to a full moon. Brian and I went out later that night and the clouds had cleared, with amazing light.
Even though the moon didn’t make an appearance, our own Superhero showed up!

2011 08 13_full moon superhero

Once it got dark, my photos got grainy but I still love these snapshots of the kids playing. We have finally reached the stage where I could host without a babe in my arms. I told Aidan beforehand that he was in charge the kids, that it was an outside party, and that I didn’t want to hear any requests to play Wii. Silly me, they were way too busy to even ask.
2011 08 13_brendon peace out web
2011 08 13_sean orem pile on web

The kids played on the driveway, trying to pile everyone into a kid car like a circus act, or around the swing set. GREAT group of kids.

2011 08 13_will the moon come

See the lovely girl in pink? She was the only girl among 8 boys. Totally held her own and had no problem. Tava rocks.

2011 08 13_nolie and mama

Sweet Kathy thought to take a photo of me & Nolie. It was too dark by then to focus but I still like how it captures Nolan’s energy. That’s Amici in the background, the world’s gentlest giant dog. I keep trying to talk her owners into just giving her to us, but so far, no luck.

2011 08 13 full moon party firepit glow

There’s something primal and good about sitting around a fire with friends. So grateful for good music and food, and friends with whom to enjoy them. Moon or no moon!

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