Tuesday, September 20, 2011

20 on the 20th: Us Right Now


web nolie washing and smiling

1. started preschool this month, three mornings a week. This boy, whom I could never leave with friends or for a play date, waved and kissed me goodbye on his first day and only cried when I came to pick him up…because it was time to leave! I tried hard not to take it too personally.  Really grateful we got to spend time there this summer together---made it much easier this fall!

web nolie's first day of school

2. LOVES his school. He is outside almost all morning, surrounded by horses, a creek, and old trees. And his teacher is magic. Aidan often asks if he can go there too.

web nolie at concert
At the free outdoor concert, just before the skies sent a downpour on all of us!

3. wants to paint every day. He brought home his first wet-on-wet watercolor last week, and presented it as gift to me. He awoke the next day intent on creating a painting “for Daddy.” It’s hanging on our kitchen white board now.

nolie kite flying frontyard

4. has decided he wants to be Super Nolan for Halloween. So far that entails having a robot body, a red cape and mask, and a skeleton glove.  Sean and he have created a whole story line involving Super Nolan and his partner, Eagle Man.

web Nolan library

5. has inherited an inability to leave the library without more books than one can read in a week. LOVES the library doll house.

web nolie and doll house

web sean goofy grin

1. also loves school, though he stayed home yesterday after a bad tumble on the run to the bus. Our neighbor was outside when he fell on gravel, picked him up and carried him home. At lunch Sean sat reflecting and told me, “Now I know for sure that God exists---he made sure Jon was there to help me get home.”

Sean and his SuperNolan and Eagle Man comic

2. worked all weekend on a Super Nolan comic book, “Shot to Dot.” I’m in love with all the detail he put into the cover (see below).

web sean's comic book cover

3. is torn between being Harry Potter or Eagle Man for Halloween. I have no idea what Eagle Man’s costume would entail, so you know for which one I’m voting. He & Aidan are having big debates as to whether DC comics already has copyrights to a villain of the same name (though Sean’s Eagle Man is decidedly good).

4. seems to be awarded the supposedly rare “blue card” at school almost every day. He loves to help people, especially the newly adopted boy in his class who knows no English.

web aidan sean heading to the bus
Still cracking me up with "twin days" when Sean & Aidan dress alike.

5. has big plans for hot cocoa and lemon cookies tomorrow, as it is just beginning to show the faintest signs of autumn.


web aidan my first born

1. also took a big tumble in a parking lot at Cub Scouts today. He and Sean compared injuries and band-aids after he apologized for getting on the school bus and not noticing that Sean was no longer behind him.

friday movie night

2. set up our big beach blanket on Friday night so the four of us could enjoy popcorn and “Rio” on the floor together. Also won every round of our “Identify the movie line” game.

aidan writing his screenplay

3. began work on his Kidbot© script that he has been talking about all summer (I secretly think he was motivated by Sean’s focused work on his comic book & recent discussions about "grit"). He kept wanting to dictate it to me, and I agreed to…some day. He definitely finds typing easier than handwriting.

web aidan eye clops

4. Rediscovered his eye clops, a microscopic camera his Gramare gave him last Christmas. He is constantly asking me to look at incredible images of Sean’s hair (looks like blades of grass), his shirt (amazing weave) and of course his scabs (I’ll spare you).

5. After our big yard sale last week, seems like there’s been a lot of “rediscovering” happening; perhaps getting rid of stuff opens up space for it. Aidan had our IKEA igloo set up all week in the playroom, and it is his new favorite reading spot. On our library run today, he stocked up on the entire Narnia and Stink series, a priceless juxtaposition.


1. haven’t seen each other for 10 days. I know I sound whiny, but even after all these years, I don’t like fire season. I think of military spouses,  who juggle so much more for so much longer. I’m in awe of them, but berating myself by comparison only makes me feel wimpy and worse.

2. saw “The Help” together a few weeks ago, as predicted in my last 20-on-20.

Not our 1st date, but at the President's Ball later the same month.

3. will be celebrating the 21st anniversary of our first date on Oct. 4th. Hopefully together.

4. have been reading The Tiger (Brian), Devotion, Take the Cannoli, Love is a Mixed Tape, and just about anything but Cutting for Stone. I don’t know why.

5. probably won’t be posting for a few weeks. See ya in October.

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