Saturday, October 22, 2011

5 more on the 22nd: Sean edition

Sean is the real reason I’m blogging. When I look through our old blog, which I still hope to print as a photo book, he is the age Nolan is now. His hair is still curly and his belly still round. I could curl up in a ball with longing for that little toddler I still adore, except that I’m too busy being entertained and enjoying the wonderful six year old boy who lives here now by the same name.

sean soccer 2011 Fall

Sean is playing on the Shin Kickers this year. He can’t understand why he is so much better during practice than during games. It’s not because of the other team’s defense---it’s because he spends most of the game chatting up and laughing with the opposing team.

2011 09 30_0049

I looked at this photo several times before I actually saw the fish. Sean was the only one of his brothers to actually catch one up at Warner Lake with his dad. Go Sean!

2011 10 09_0011

Sean is usually the “let’s dress like twins” instigator and he does it with both Nolie and Aidan. These cool Buzz Lightyear shirts were a gift from Mary Alice years ago.  (Do you see the adoration on Nolan’s face? So glad Sean got to be a big brother!)

boys in their Cubs jackets from Grandma

The Cubs jackets were a gift from my mom about five years ago---so glad they finally fit! Just like his dad, Sean never leaves the house without giving me a hug, kiss and saying “I love you.” He has so much love to share with everyone.

aidan sean nolie digging

People immediately fall in love with Sean. Maybe it’s his bright smile, the way he delights in others, or that he’s so easy to make laugh. My friend Emily, who never hides that he’s her favorite, remarked that Sean doesn’t fit the middle child stereotype at all. I had to laugh---for one, because Emily obviously didn’t know I’m a middle child when she went on to describe them as usually mopey and needy. For another, even before Nolan was born, Sean at only two would ask, “Do you love me most?” Most birth-order psychology is unfounded (52% of American presidents were the middle child, but you’ll still see people writing that “almost all” were first born), and I’m convinced Sean was born who he is. But who he is also happens to be the kind of child who quickly scans all the popcorn bowls to make sure he got the same or more than anyone else.

The Big News: Sean and I finally finished Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I think we started it in January or February. My least favorite of the series (the whole House Elf subplot is just dropped?), I had forgotten how scary and how moving the conclusion is. We ended up loving it, and will watch the movie tonight. Less than five minutes after finishing, Sean announced, “Now we can start Order of the Phoenix!”

He lost another tooth this weekend, and jumped up two more letters on his school’s reading level this month. He won’t slow down. And so I blog, so I can capture him, at least slightly, and visit this charming six year old again someday.

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