Saturday, October 22, 2011

5 on the 21st: the extended October version.

It’s already the 21st; my best bet for getting this month’s 20-on-the-20th written is to spread it out. So today’s post covers just Nolan. I plan to post about Aidan and Sean in the next two posts.

2011 10 09_nolie and raspberries
2011 10 09_0422
2011 10 14_Nolan the firefighter
2011 10 15_Pirate Nolie
2011 09 27_nolie mr muscles
2011 10 13_nolie segolily lunch
2011 10 08_0097

Nolie had a busy month: a trip to the fire house (thanks for inviting us, CeCe*), a pirate birthday party (probably his first party without his brothers), a bbq with his Children’s Garden friends,  a rock show and today’s adventure at a Colorado Pumpkin Patch. With three Halloween parties to look forward to, our party-obsessed boy is in heaven.

The Big News: Nolan is officially the “king of the potty”---no accidents all month. He celebrated and then turned to me and said, “When can I get a dog?” A lot of promises have been made in the past six months, and Nolie appears to remember them all.

He has also let us know he is not cool with just listening to his brothers on their Saturday DJ gig on KZMU. Check back here later this week for a short video of his most recent ukulele original, “Goodnight Momma.”

Lastly, it’s not only puppies, or even just stuffed animals (if I’m really honest, they’re my favorite kind of pet, i.e. low maintenance), this boy LOVES animals. While his brothers jumped on the giant Pumpkin Jump, he could not be tempted away from the chicken house or from feeding an ear of corn to a goat, or petting the sheep or riding a pony for the first time.

Later, when we stopped to eat, he stood on his bench and yelled, “I’m a COWBOY!” Unfortunately we couldn’t quite make out what he was saying and kept agreeing, “Yes, you’re a tall boy!” to which he would shake his head and repeat, “I’m a COWBOY!” Finally, when he said, “I’m a COWBOY---I ride pony!” we got it. After smiling in relief at being understood, I swear he shook his head one more time in disbelief over how slow we are.

*CeCe is one of the four or five people I’ve shared this blog with so far.  Here’s my conundrum. I find it a little freaky to have people I don’t know read the blog. But I also find it motivating to post more when anyone reads the blog. And last time I had a blog, I found it unnerving (and difficult to write) when more people whom I knew in “real life” started reading the blog. So I want people to read it, but I don’t want people I know or people I don’t know to read it. The solution?

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