Monday, October 31, 2011

Final 5

20 on the 20th didn't quite work out this month, but here's the final 5 to make 20. I think I'll be revising the whole 20on20 idea next month.

1. I took the boys to a pumpkin patch in Colorado during our UEA break. Nolie had his first pony ride and loved the petting zoo. Aidan & Sean loved the pumpkin bounce (photo below) and the huge corn maze.

2. Bri was in Price for a few days running a burn, and I'm proud we didn't let that stop us from venturing to GJ (because I'd always rather wait till we can go together). Also learned the "sunny sixteen" short-cut this month, to bump my f-stop to 16 when shooting in such bright sun that saved us from getting lots of shots like the washed out one above.

3. Brian spent most of the previous weekend digging line in our backyard, to connect/bury an electrical line to our patio. I freaked when he started pulling up a bit of his patio, but it's all beautiful again. And the twinkle lights on the tree are now a permenant feature---yay!

4. Sean took this photo of me right after we made cookies to give as a thank you. All three boys have the camera bug. Lots of photos of Godzilla this month, and of each other making crazy faces. As critical as I feel when I see photos of myself, I'm trying to embrace them because I do want my kids to have photos that include their mom when they're older.

5. This photo was taken in July 2009 by our good friend Amy, but I just saw it for the first time this fall. I immediately asked Amy to send me a digi copy---a decent photo with all 5 of us is too rare not to ask.

Do you see how Sean is stretching his arm to reach Aidan's shoulder? How wavy his hair was? How blond my baby was? And how my baby was an actual baby?

October was a rough month, full of good things but overshadowed by sadness. My cousin John passed away at the young age of 45. My mom's cancer continues to take a greater hold of her mind and body. We're planning a roadtrip to Chicago in November, and attempting to take things one day at a time.

Meanwhile, I go to sleep grateful to have spent my day with this man and these three men-in-the-making. Time moves quickly, and I'm glad to capture a small glimpse of it here on this site.

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