Thursday, January 19, 2012

Light52: Week 1


2012 01 12_Look to the Light

2007: Move; 2008:  Now; 2009: Time; 2010: Attend; 2011: Love; 2012: Light.

In 2007, I read Ali Edward’s post on choosing one little word to focus on throughout a year. She now has several posts on the topic if the concept is new to you.  I loved having LOVE for my word in 2011. For one, it was easier to remember (oh, attend, what a challenge you were!), and whenever faced with a choice or struggle, just thinking of my word was like turning on a light.

Love will always be my word, but I debated several for 2012. Beauty, joy, learn---all themes I want this year to include. And then, as I do every time I drive away from Nolan’s preschool, I read the above sign at the end of the driveway: Look Toward The Light.

web nolie and advent apple candle

Nolan’s Waldorf school doesn’t teach a certain religion, but there is definitely a spiritual component. At Winter Solstice we walked with lanterns while singing “This Little Light of Mine.”  And just before break, the children carried their own apple candle through an Advent Spiral while their teacher talked about turning to their inner light in the midst of winter’s darkness and sharing that light with the world. (Don’t you love Nolie’s concentration above?)

I ultimately chose LIGHT because it works on so many different levels. I’m reminded of the quote Gretchen Rubin often cites, by G.K. Chesterson: “It’s easy to be heavy, hard to be light.” I have a tendency to be heavy in my thoughts and words, and want to choose a lighter approach. I want to be physically lighter this year, for my impact on the earth to be lighter, to be light-hearted. But mostly I want to clear my way so I can look to the light and be a light in the lives of those I love.

One of my goals for this year is to do something or look for something each week that reflects or explores my word---and I hope to post on the blog (at some point each month) to hold myself accountable. I know I won’t post every week, so my Light52 posts won’t necessarily fall into the calendar week (the first 3 for example!), but I still hope to have 52 by December 31st. A big hat tip to Elizabeth Dillow whose 52 projects have inspired me ---and influenced my Lenten promise the past two years, and to Peppermint Granberg whose New52 provided a broader approach that even a not-so-crafty girl like myself could do.

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