Thursday, January 19, 2012

Light52: Week 2

2012 01 05_28

One of Aidan’s best friend became a big brother just days after the new year. I called a mutual friend who was coordinating dinners for the parents, and this sweet friend, Emily, suggested that a better gift to the parents would be a lil’ photo shoot of their new babe.

oscar and his momma's hand

That’s Emily’s little boy, Oscar, holding her finger, when I came over and took a few photos of him two years ago. She told me how much more the photos meant to her than any of the meals, which was just the push I needed. I sent a message to Colin, the new baby’s dad, who jumped at the idea, and we set up a time for me to come shoot some photos of their baby, only five days old.

2012 01 05_20

I have a ton to learn about photographing newborns (lesson#1 from this shoot---there’s a reason pros tuck the baby’s hands under his chin…because that lifts his face so you can actually see it). Even after three years of studying and shooting, I still have a ton to learn about my camera and post-processing. But I loved it.

2012 01 05_BW9

I love newborns and I love photography.

At the same time, I’m realistic. Our little town’s hospital has fewer than 100 babies born there each year. And even fewer people in our community would pay for custom photography.

And yet, I’m excited. Just to find something I feel passionate about. I want to keep learning. And to keep shining a light on this passion for capturing a new person during his or her first days of life.

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