Thursday, January 19, 2012

Light52: Week 3

2012 01 08 flowers from Bri

Fr. Peter Wolf, at Camp Vista in 1986, defined a miracle as getting what you need when you need it.

We’ve had little boys with the flu while I wasn’t feeling 100% myself. Brian made a run to the store for more Gatorade, a rare treat our boys associate with having a fever, and returned with this lovely yellow bouquet.

Few things offer me as sure a pick-me-up as fresh flowers. And yellow is my favorite color. I love monochromatic bouquets too.

Ever-observant Nolan noticed the immediate boost in my spirits, and was fascinated by the whole thing. He wanted to have given me the flowers, he said. Then he asked several times, “Why did Daddy give you them?” I finally answered, “Maybe he loves me!”

He quickly ran to Brian and asked him why he got me flowers. Brian answered, “Because I love her and she wasn’t feeling too good today so I thought they might help.”

Nolie ran back to his room where I was waiting to put on his pajamas and was happy to report, “You were right, Momma. Daddy loves you!”

Brian jokes about my forbidding him to buy me flowers on Valentine’s Day (overpriced!), but unexpected fresh flowers just when you most needed them= a modern miracle.

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