Friday, January 27, 2012

Light52: Week 4

One of my goals for this year is to do something or look for something each week that reflects or explores my one little word for 2012.

Source: via Deirdre on Pinterest


Three sparks of light come to mind this week.


1. The bigs discovered The Three Stooges. I so dislike the three stooges. I’m not a fan of slapstick in general, though I enjoyed introducing the boys to  Abbot & Costello and Laurel & Hardy. But the Three Stooges? For Aidan & Sean, it was love at first eye-poke. And even though I felt an impulse to point out how ridiculous and repetitious all their gags are…I also thought of G.K. Chesterson’s “It’s easy to be heavy, hard to be light.” Is there anything lighter than stooges? I’m hoping I don’t regret letting them open this door. They’re scaring me now with plans to shave Nolan’s head and be Moe, Larry & Curley for Halloween.

2. Lucky Streak, ie: I won! I won! I won!


Look what I won from Lisa Truesdell’s giveaway at the moments in between! Lisa is one of my favorite inspirations. She mists, sews and scraps like no one else, but it’s her photos that make me swoon. She too is a mom to three boys, and her layouts capture the sweetness and hilarity of brotherhood. I’ve had the Happy Days stamps on my wishlist ever since seeing them on Lisa’s pages. Label stickers are my favorite, and I’ve been so tempted by the Smash book line.

I haven’t bought any non-digital scrap supplies in over a year (*shock*---I hope Brian reads that!) so I can’t wait to open this box of goodies to play. On a day when I was surrounded by sick boys and a to-do list that wasn’t going to get done, it was such a sweet surprise to see my name as the winner on Lisa’s blog.

Side Note: has made catching up on favorite blogs fun & easy. I think of it as my one magazine subscription that has all my favorite writers & photographers in it. If you’re still using Google reader (which syncs with it), check out feedly---good design makes all the difference.


3. A little light-headed, but also three pounds lighter. I’m attempting to avoid all sugar and flour, eating mostly vegetables and lean protein. It’s only been one week so far, but this much I’ve learned: sugar leads to more sugar. I’m not as hungry or craving carbs now.

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