Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Round here…

We are finally flu-free. Only Aidan and Nolan got hit, our little guy considerably harder than his big brother.

Nolie's high fever

I’ve joked that between the drive to drop off and pick up, and Brian coming home for lunch every day, Nolie’s preschool only leaves me two child-free hours three times a week. Last week I realized just how much normally gets done in those two hours!

Nolan has also been informing us that he wants us to call him Brian Junior, but not now---only when he’s older and has a beard and truck. I think he saw Brian stick a pencil behind his ear once, and now Nolan has to do it almost daily.

2012 01 06_nolan pencil behind ear

Since the bookend kids were both sick, just Sean and I headed to KZMU to host Shine Time on Saturday.

Sean the DJ

Normally Aidan leads the show (being a strong reader helps with the station identification/sponsor messages/weather), while Sean introduces some of his favorite songs. This show, Sean totally lead the way and knocked it out of the park! He told his new favorite joke (“Why is 6 afraid of 7?”) and his own knock off (“Why is 2 afraid of 3? Because 3 four-ced 5!”…possibly a joke only a Star Wars obsessed six year old finds hilarious), before introducing this BNL’s song:

And here he is jamming along to his favorite (for almost a year now) “Dynamite” by Taio Cruz.

Sean at the radio station

Our oldest has become less cooperative around cameras.

2012 01 18_1598

Unless he wants me to take a photo of his latest creation. With a flash on the kitchen floor? The boy is killing me, but when he says please take a photo, I don’t argue. Here’s Scorpio, his mutant Bionicle (and his adoring brother, who always wants in on a photo):

2011 11 13_Bionicles Combo

I’m determined to get one good shot of him during his next basketball game. Wish me luck!

2011 12 26_Aidan and Bri playing basketball

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