Saturday, February 4, 2012

12 for 2012: February Check-in

A review of goals for 2012: a = Progress, not completion

I wrote this on January 31, but didn’t get #6 done until last night. 3 days late for February.

2012 01 29_my4favoriteguys

1.Take at least one family photo per month. a

I was counting one taken of us at the bowling alley on New Year’s Eve, until I realized that wasn’t quite 2012. Thanks to this self-appointed deadline, and Brian’s help with the tripod, we got one this last weekend. I was playing with the idea of spot metering and back lighting, but ended up putting us in too little light. It’s not great of any of us, but it’s great because it has all of us.

2012 01 29_1of12ourfamily2012 copy

2. Adopt and train a puppy.  a

We put a down payment on a puppy from Kanosh Labs this month. A couple years ago I reconnected on Facebook with Jenny, an old high school friend who is now in Arizona. She often posts adorable photos of her beautiful dogs. I was so excited when she told me they came from a farm in Utah. Owen at Kanosh Labs has been so kind about answering endless emails from me for the past year, as we inched toward being dog-ready. We have a LOT to do this month. Biggest challenge---the play room (ie: LEGOs) and a teething puppy.

3. Prepare our family for our next trip to Chicago. No real work here.

4. Learn the basics of my sewing machine and complete at least two projects. a

I registered for the 4 week class that started this week. Already learned so much in just the first class!

5. Submit two resumes. Other than a ton of research and email exchanges, no real work on the actual resume.

6. Start every month with a clean desk. a

Before and After copy

Here’s to self-imposed deadlines! Brian always says that those organizational shows on HGTV has the owners mess everything up even more before they shoot. There was no need to do that here. I have two goals fantasies for this goal: that some month, the before photo shows a still-clean desk, and that some month there’s a new white desk there.

7. Lose and keep off 12 pounds. a

I started using again on the 23rd, and am avoiding all sugar & flour. Total loss for January: 5 lbs.

8. Create a home binder. No real work here…other than piling more things on top of the binder.

9. Grow herbs inside my kitchen. a

I ordered basil, flat-leaf parsley, thyme and chive seeds, which have already arrived. Next up: planting.

10. Create a Shutterfly book of 12 on 12.

I’m dying to scrap but haven’t made any time. I normally don’t share my layouts online because they’re not original or very creative. But public deadlines are a good way to move things up my to do list, so there’ll be one here on Feb. 12th.

11. Go to the Telluride Blues & Brew Festival…

or see a concert at the Red Rocks or camp in Zion National Park. I really wanted to see Mike Birbiglias’s stand-up in SLC this month, but it didn’t happen. Still trying to figure out which one of these is most compatible with the unpredictability of wildfire season. We may have already missed the window for reserving a camping spot in Zion.

12. 52 Weeks of Light. a

Four weeks posted. I definitely have my dark moments. Recently read this quote by Abraham Lincoln that is especially apropos of all these goals: “I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live by the light that I have.”

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