Sunday, February 12, 2012

Arbitrary Deadlines

Back in January, it seemed like a great idea to merge Elizabeth Dillow's 12on12 project with Rebecca Cooper's Month-in-Photos.

But now that it's Feb. 12th, capturing 12 photos of just today seems more doable than going through a month's worth and thinking about how to capture all those stories in one layout.

I was going to just bail on the whole project, but my trustee friend Angie convinced me to keep it simple and just get it done.

It's not done...I have five more photos and some journaling to do on a 2nd page, but it is a good start. This weekend could not have been more packed and less conducive to playing with photos. Still, that's the whole point of arbitrary deadlines---because there never is a good time in this season of my life.

And, by getting started now, I'm already motivated to pick up my camera more this month, and capture the bigs who are very under represented in the month of January!

You can download Rebecca's free template at her website via the link below.

ETA: Page two

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I love hearing from you!

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