Monday, April 23, 2012

Introducing Duke

Three weeks ago, Duke joined our family. 

He's a sweet, eager-to-please labrador retriever.

And he has completely turned my life upside down.

 There's a reason why babies and puppies are so cute. And there have been many days--and nights---when I've thought a baby would have been a lot easier.

That's Aidan above with Duke. When the lack of sleep, the constant vigilance (to make sure he's not chewing a shoe, being hurt by/hurting our youngest, or peeing in the house) starts to get to me, I watch Aidan with Duke and know the time was right.

Because no one loves you like your dog loves you. 


  1. Whew--a new puppy and a new business all at the same time. You're my hero : ) There has been a lot of "is it time to get a dog" talk around here... I don't know... I think I would like a puppy who knows how to do everything already. Sigh. ; )

  2. Ha--my words of advice: don't do it!

    Maybe in a year I'll feel completely differently...but with a child under six, I think an older dog is an excellent idea. I put a Puppy for Sale sign on our front door today, just to tip my husband off before he walked in on the kind of day we'd had...but my ten year old did not find it funny. Duke is here to stay, assuming he stops nipping soon!

  3. Oh my goodness, that is one completely adorable puppy.


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