Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

Time to recommit to the blog. Lots of sneak peeks to post later this week, but for today---here's my first random collection of ten notes on Tuesday.

1. Three baseball games in one week = rushed dinners and lots of snow cone juice on Nolie's shirts.

2. Made spicy pasta tonight with romas and basil from our garden---yay, first harvest!

3. I started to tell the boys how my mom created this dish of sauteed onions, garlic, red peppers, spices and herbs, but I lost it. I want to tell them stories about my mom and talk about her so they continue to know her, but I'm just not able to yet without worrying them with my tears.

4. New song discovery of the week: "Losers" by The Belle Brigade---hat tip to Peppermint for the recommendation. (Warning: lyrics include slight language)

5. My friend CeCe introduced me to Danielle LaPorte's site and my favorite post yet is her "We Know Your Busy, Now Shut Up About It"

6. I gave my prayer partner from church, eleven-year-old Alex, a challenge to memorize the Desiderata this summer. It didn't even occur to me at first to give my own boys the same challenge. Aidan has the first quarter down, and Sean has been copying it into his notebook. My dad had a print of it hanging in our basement when I was growing up, so their learning it makes my heart sing.

7. Another discovery via the Digi Show: Google Play. This means the boys no longer need to burn CDs of music for their radio show as we can access our music collection anywhere. Google, we love you!

8. No trip to Grand Junction is complete without a trip to EBricks. After taking my dad to the airport, Nolan and I pooled our pennies on a mini-figure of Indiana Jones. Nolie set a new record by losing Indy's hat within an hour of getting home (I wouldn't let him open the mini zip lock it came in while on the drive home---because I'm mean like that and didn't want to search for it in the car). We all feared Indiana was in the belly of the beast, ie: Duke, but today Nolan found it under my bed! Yay--much celebration ensued!

9. Guess who loves water? We drove up to Oowah lake for Father's Day but too many people were fishing there for a splashy dog to play fetch. So after a picnic and hot hike (it was 85 even up there!), we went to Ken's Lake and Duke found his true purpose in life: fetching frisbees from cool water. True joy.

10. I made it to ten ---and Aidan's team won tonight's game 7-5. Happy First Day of Summer!

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