Sunday, July 1, 2012

2012 Half Way Point

A cousin of mine recently posted on Facebook that there are only six months till Christmas. A little bell went off and I thought it might be a good time to review/revise my 12 goals for 2012.

Goals for 2012:

1.Take at least one family photo per month. So far, only missed one month. Check Plus!

2. Adopt and train a puppy. *cough cough* How funny that I included "train" as part of this goal. Well, beside photography and loving my family, I've given more time to this goal than any other...probably more than photography even as I walk Duke for an hour a day, never mind training. For a five month old puppy, he's doing well---he knows Sit, Stay, Come, and Off. We're still working on Heel though he does better every week. Our biggest issue is his excitement (and peeing!) when friends come over or when meeting something---lots of jumping and nipping at those times. Still a way to go. Check.

3. Prepare our family for our next trip to Chicago. Check, though there is always another trip in the works. And the unstated aspects of this item---dealing well with loss---are always on-going.

4. Learn the basics of my sewing machine and complete at least two projects. Loved my sewing class and completed two embroidered shirts and some napkins. Hoping to take another class in the fall. Check.

5. Submit two resumes. In retrospect, that sounds much easier than starting a business. Check Plus.

6. Start every month with a clean desk. My desk has been clean twice all year. Check Minus.

7. Lose and keep off 12 pounds. Lost then gained. Same old. I'm now trying no sugar, hoping to eat along the Paleo idea. I want to give myself a Check Plus for lifting weights consistently and working out three times a week with my friend Kathy (when Bri is actually in town to watch the kids when I go at 6AM), but in terms of food choices, I'm still treating chocolate like it's the fifth food group. Check Minus.

8. Create a home binder. Check Minus. Nada.

9. Grow herbs inside my kitchen. Check Plus...because I did it. However, compared to the herbs in  our garden...well, we can't compare the sad things in our window to the herbs in our garden. I think I'd be more excited if I planted them in October.

10. Create a Shutterfly book of 12 on 12.  I did make a 12x12 Shutterfly book for Nolan's preschool. And a few other 8x8s, but not the 12 on 12 I wanted to.  Check Minus.

11. Go to the Telluride Blues & Brew Festival, or see a concert at the Red Rocks or camp in Zion National Park. Check Plus--two more weeks till our girls' weekend at the Red Rocks!

12. 52 Weeks of Light…Check. Not plus because I'm weeks behind, but not minus because it is the only thing I've been blogging consistently here.

So...if I want to achieve these goals, I need to focus on my diet, scrapbooking, the home binder and my office desk in the second half of the year. This may be the most boring post I've ever written, but it helps me. If I reach January 1st, 2013 not having accomplished what I hoped to, at least it won't come as a surprise,

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