Wednesday, July 25, 2012

If Your Walls Could Talk: Guest Room Collage


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Edward Abbey called Moab, Utah the most beautiful place on earth…but even its name is a biblical reference to a land that’s hard to get to.  We’re very blessed that our faraway family and friends often make the effort to travel and visit us here.

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Last month I finally put together a framed collage for our guest room to celebrate all the loved ones we’ve hosted over the years. Two hat tips to my sources of inspiration for this project. First, my friend Angie who has a guest book filled with notes from guests over the years. When we stay with her family in Flagstaff, I love to look through the book and see the past entries we’ve made and recall those visits.

Once our boys decided they all wanted to bunk together (literally, with two sets of bunk beds in one room) and our nursery became an actual guest room, I knew I wanted to do something similar, something that would recall our past house guests and claim the room as theirs. I saw this instagram collage on the Handmade Home---and pinned it for when I found the perfect frame (I love how Ashley used crown molding but knew I wasn’t up for that job).



I went through our photo library and found a photo from all our past guests. I know I’ve missed a couple---our friend Al has visited at least three times and he’s only represented once. Perfection is the enemy of the good though, and I didn’t let that stop me. I cropped every image to roughly 4.5x3  in Photoshop, then added names and dates using Another Typewriter font in white.

Math has never been my strong suit, and only after printing and cropping every image did I realize my images needed to be 4” long, not 4.5”. I actually like that cropping each a bit differently to make up for that error made the collage less lined up and gives it a bit more flow.

2012 07 03_0473

In the middle I included a quote and a “stamped” image of our house created in Photoshop. I took these photos of the collage before our most recent guest, Mary Alice, arrived so her photo will fill the next to last spot. Right now she’s second only to my mother-in-law as our most frequent guest. Who will fill the final slot?

I found the awesome frame at a local shop, Framed Image. It had some minor flaws, so it was a great deal. The owner listened to my plan and included a large white mat that I used as the base to attach all the photos to. I love that our boys have one more reminder of their far-away family and of the good times we’ve had. I love that a few more images are off our computer and living on our walls.

Obviously I’m a big advocate of getting professional quality prints of your family up on your walls. I also believe your snapshots should be printed out. Phones are great for taking spontaneous shots, but don’t lose them to the black hole of your hard drive. Your walls can talk—they communicate what you value. Maybe you have art from a favorite painter on your walls. Great, but do you also have photos of the people you love? Your home and your walls should reflect the relationships you value most.

If Your Walls Could Talk is a series on what our walls and the way we decorate them communicate to others. Share in the comments, what do your walls communicate?

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