Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Gratitude

I want to cultivate a grateful heart, and if not count my blessings, then at least acknowledge them. The big ones: life, health, my husband and sons, friends and family, those are always included. Here though I hope to take note of the small blessings, whatever might lighten the load this week or might be forgotten if not recorded here.


Photo by Perpetual Images, used with permission.

1. I’m grateful that Aidan’s baseball team had a great season & won 1st place at the final tournament. I’m especially grateful to see how much he grows with each season. I’m grateful for the time his dad spends with him throwing and practicing, and for the great coaches he’s had each year. And, as much as I ♥ baseball, I’m grateful my evenings at the ballpark are over for this year.

2012 07 14_MAvisit_0225

2. I’m grateful for old friends. Our weekend in Denver deserves its own post---even if only so I remember where we ate!  I’ve felt the benefits of a little time with my soul-sisters all week.

2012 07 16_MAvisit_0212 copy

3. I’m grateful for the wonderful, wild world of boys. On my drive home from the weekend of girl talk, fruity cocktails and French bistros, I pulled into the Bar M trail area to meet my boys at a friend of Aidan’s birthday bash. Ten year old boys on mountain bikes, hot dogs for dinner, burping contests---it was a full immersion back into the world of boys!

2012 07 21_0322web

4. Not as superficial as it sounds: I’m grateful for my new Chaco's, a gift from Brian. He ordered them while I was away---which means he must have looked them up on my Amazon wish list in order to know what style and size I wanted. Total surprise.

2012 07 10_nolieweb

5. I’m grateful for my lil fish, Nolan, who finished his first session of swim lessons and loved every minute of it!

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