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10 on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday, otherwise known as using a list to sum up a weekend’s worth of moments in the big city. All photos are from our little point & shoot (in other words: don’t judge!).

web flee market

1. The highlight of our weekend in Salt Lake City, for me: the flea market.

The whole weekend was wonderful, so I can already picture Brian rolling his eyes reading that, but the market was magic.  Why are flea markets immune from the depressing nature of yard sales? I guess packing up your stuff and taking it elsewhere heightens it---you know your trash is another person’s treasure.

Brian and Nolie had dropped us off and went to gather our lunch picnic, which I have to admit made it even more fun---no pressure that anyone was bored or pacing while I meandered. The market scored some of our precious time in the city because we saw a facebook post about a Star Wars collection for sale. So the boys pulled me away from only-in-my-dreams collections of enamel cookware to hurry and find that booth before the market was even officially open. The Star Wars seller was delighted to have young customers who would actually free his collection from their original boxes and play with them---he gave them great deals on the original LEGO land speeder (Aidan’s pick), and the first three figures above (I can’t pretend to know who they are).

At the next table, the boys picked out an Incredible Hulk that came with a Bruce Banner----inside of it! This toy was the hit of Nolan’s weekend, and made our drives much more enjoyable. I also scored a vintage copper mold, a huge lot of Lincoln Logs and a Star Wars Trivial Pursuit---those last two are tucked away for Christmas already.

The boys loved looking at each booth, and were admiring a blue bowling bag---not sure what it might contain. The seller approached and said the ball was perfect for their size. “And it would be even more perfect if your name were Sean because it’s engraved.” We all looked at each other. “Is it spelled the Irish way?” asked Sean. YES! We only bowl a few times a year, but how could we say no to this kismet moment? The seller couldn’t believe her own luck---who walks up to her table at 9 in the morning but a boy named Sean who picks up the blue bag containing a ball with his name on it! That’s the magic of a flea market.

web fountain

2. We also got to attend Craft Lake City, a DIY festival on Saturday. Bounce house, live music, watery beer---we were all happy. The boys loved hearing some of their favorite tunes and visiting the technology center (they got to time travel and play Nintendo games). Skyhop, an organization I had just learned about recently and had been emailing all week, had a booth there---another kismet moment. They offer summer camps on film editing, song writing, Stop Action LEGOs---just about everything that most interests my boys. We have to get them to come to MOAB!

2012 08 11_0320city creek center2012 08 11_0310

3. We walked to City Creek Center from there, where the boys resisted the fountains until after our crazy long wait to eat at Cheesecake Factory. We probably all could have shared one entrée there---the portions were as crazy as the wait. All five of us did share a slice of this glorious, calorie-free peanut-butter cheesecake.

peanut butter chocolate cheesecake

Image source: Cheesecake Factory

4. What a difference two years make:

Before and after lagoon

Same little girl (our friend Abby) and same little boy (Nolan) on the same ride at Lagoon, only now Nolan is no longer terrified of sitting next to her.

I need to go weep a bit after looking up those old Lagoon photos and seeing my sweet baby who is no longer a baby at all. *sigh*

Nolan loved Lagoon’s kiddieland. Aidan, who normal craves scary stories/movies/rides, had a bad dream after seeing “Brave” and has decided he no longer enjoys scary for scary sake. I’m proud of him for being comfortable enough to say so and stick to his plan. Sean was the other extreme, couldn’t get enough of scary rides or the haunted house and wants to go back tomorrow.

I loved the Ferris wheel, the sky ride with Brian and Nolan (though I was terrified at the time), visiting with our friends, watching Aidan and Sean disappear with their tubes at the waterpark and not worrying about them for a second, and that Nolan pointed out a photo booth (they are well trained---Brian later told me Aidan and Sean pointed out the same one to him). It wasn’t working, but his enthusiasm for it made me smile.


5. The boys stole a phrase from their new favorite show, Gravity Falls, and were calling out, “Awkward Sibling Hug” all weekend. Patting each other on the back during the hug seems to be a key component and they find it hilarious. I roll my eyes for their enjoyment but secretly love it.

6. At the hotel pool, Nolan practiced swimming under water after jumping in approximately 100 times. I finally asked him to sit on the steps as Aidan and Sean were waiting for me to judge their swimming race. After they tagged my hand, I turned back to Nolan and found him struggling in 4 feet of water.

I hadn’t looked at him for at most 20 seconds. We were both shaken by the scare. Nolan keeps saying he never wants to swim at a hotel again, as if that were the cause. Everyone may have already seen this post on how Drowning Doesn’t Look Like Drowning, but it is worth reposting. Nolan was able to say “Mom” as he came up for air, but just barely---I wouldn’t have heard it if I hadn’t already been reaching for him. He hadn’t swallowed any water, so it must have been just seconds from when he stepped off the stairs—alleluia.

Source: dezeen.com via Carlos on Pinterest



7. We visited the Natural History Museum of Utah before heading home on Monday.

One of the most beautiful, breath-taking buildings I’ve ever seen. Truly a work of art.

Lots of hands-on exhibits for the boys. Well worth the price. I left mostly aware of just how much I don’t know about so many things.

8. My favorite was an exhibit on the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry that showed the boys how even scientists don’t always agree. Different theories for why so many remains are found in this one location were offered, each logical in its own way. The boys were then able to donate a penny to the theory they find most plausible. Aidan chose the float and bloat theory, Sean the poison theory. Based on the pennies, the drought theory is the most popular.

Source: visitutah.com via Visit on Pinterest



9. We didn’t see any movies in the city, but it looks like we’ll have to head back there in September----Raiders of the Lost Ark is coming to IMAX!

10. The boys will insist that I include Noodles & Co. in this post---not because they loved the food necessarily, but because they got to enjoy creating their own (gross) drink combinations at the Freestyle machine. Soda is a very rare treat for Aidan so he was thrilled. He kept calling it the Space-Age-Soda-Machine.

Thanks for catching up with us. I hope this offered some ideas for your next trip to SLC! I’d love to hear some of your favorite SLC recommendations for our next adventure there. Where do you eat? What’s a must see attraction? Post your recommendation in the comments!


  1. i'm kind of scarred by how old your boys are getting. O.O

    and eek — scary story re: the pool! yikes.

    other than that, it sounds like you had a great time!

    1. It's ridiculous, isn't it? Aidan keeps standing next to me to see if he's as tall as me yet. I think I have one more year before I'm looking up at him!
      Do your boys enjoy venturing to Chicago?

  2. As always, I enjoy your writing and your wry look at life. I didn't recognize Sean initially. The children may have to wear name tags when we see each other next summer. Annabelle

    1. So happy to see your comment here:) I thought of you at the CLC fair---several pottery booths. Perhaps we should try to fit a Lagoon visit in to the reunion next summer!

  3. As usual I loved hearing about all your adventures. Life just would be so difficult without the Internet! I also had a difficult time recognizing Sean photo in the beginning of the post. At a quick look I thought it was Aidan and then knew it wasn't. It was a surprise feeling when I realized it was Sean! Marilyn


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