Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sweet Adalyn | Moab Newborn Photography

This shot below was taken in a small hospital room, made even smaller as we tried to squeeze into the one spot with natural light coming in from a small window. I am ever in awe of the people whom I get to photograph---can you tell their lives had just changed completely? All I could see was the love surrounding them for each other and the newest member of their family.

2012 07 12_0099web copy

I love being the mom to three boys. I always wanted sons. But there are no cute yellow polka-dot dresses involved in raising boys.

2012 07 12_0027web copy

2012 07 12_0044web copy

It’s a bit early to even contemplate a future grand-daughter, but sweet Adalyn, you’ve just guaranteed that if she exists, she’ll be getting a yellow polka-dot dress someday!

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