Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Gratitude

Brian's fire photo

1. Brian’s home.

2. No more wildfire fighting this season…we hope!

3. No homes or lives were lost on the fire his team was fighting in Montana---alleluia!

4. The boys and I survived eighteen days without their dad. Aidan was a big help to me while his dad was away, and Nolan & Sean were super sweet (though their days of sneaking into my bed at night are over!).

5. Time apart always makes me keenly aware how blessed we are to be together. Today we hiked halfway to Morning Glory Bridge. The weather couldn’t be more beautiful in Moab right now. Our boys are in a rhythm of playing with each other so well, and even Duke has mellowed a bit. Life is good.

One of my favorite authors, Brene Brown, was on Katie Couric’s new show last week and talked about “foreboding joy”---a concept my mom often referred to as The Good Earth habit, based on Pearl S. Buck’s novel where the parents would down-play any good in their lives or in their children---as if celebrating our joy might invite misfortune. I have this bad habit---of looking for the disappointment around the corner, as if foreseeing it will take the edge off. It doesn’t, and that thinking just robs us of the joy present right now and right here.

You can hear Brene explain it much better than I can here:

I hope you are encouraged to celebrate the joy in your life. Please share what you are most grateful for today in the comments!

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