Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Gratitude #10

In case you haven’t heard, there’s been a slight population explosion in Moab this month. Which is my way of telling you I am behind…in editing, in posting, in every area of my life. But I’d be remiss if I didn’t give thanks, especially in this week dedicated to gratitude and the giving of thanks.


1. For this hilarious five year old who makes every day an adventure. Last Friday he carried a lantern around Old City Park in celebration of Martinmas, and warmed my heart with his singing. I didn’t bring my camera, but he was just as much a superhero there.


2. I’m grateful for my marriage and for Brian. I had a much needed girls weekend in Prescott after my trip to Chicago that had been on the calendar for two years, but which I debated cancelling given my recent time away. Brian never fails to encourage me though, and I had three great days of amazing food, even better conversation, and inspiration for every area of my life. The boys had an amazing weekend with their dad who, despite feeling sick, managed to pull off their Ghostbuster ensemble for the annual Walling Halloween party!

3. I’m grateful for old friends. I celebrated my 43rd birthday this month, and so enjoyed being pampered for a day by the boys. I also relished being thought of by old friends. A dear friend from high school sent a sunflower card and my boys were amazed to hear they were a favorite even back then. A phone chat from New Zealand was the best gift I could ask for from Annabelle, who I guess after eight years is now an old friend rather than a new one! And Angie, my soul-sister, sent these dishtowels that crack me up every time I look at them:


Angie has a way of working “When Harry Met Sally”, her favorite movie, into almost any conversation, so I hear this exchange every time I use one:


Thank you, Nora, for a lifetime of great lines.

4. I’m grateful to all who serve our country.

2012 11 12_1440 Flags on Veteran's day

Veteran’s Day was also my mom’s 69th birthday. It was an emotional day, made even more so by the beautiful tribute to all veterans that Aidan’s class participated in at City Hall that day. When I talked to my dad that night, he had gone to visit Mom’s gravesite with my brothers John and Marty and my sister Elizabeth. At lunch they realized that the only non-veteran at the table was Elizabeth’s five year old daughter, as all four of them served in the military. I am so grateful for their service, as well as our brother Kevin’s, who is currently serving in the Navy.

5. These messy-haired, book-obsessed boys who also happen to be amazing brothers.

2012 11 11_1586

This is a SOOC (straight out of the camera) shot of a common scene in our house. I had to shoot it from behind otherwise I would have broken the spell and gotten a bunch of funny faces instead. Having three boys means lots of loud moments, messy moments, all-together too silly moments, but there are also these magical moments, when I find Aidan reading to Sean and Nolan and I feel grateful for every moment we have.

If you stop by and actually read through this, I’d love to hear what you’re feeling especially grateful for this week.

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