Friday, December 21, 2012

Round with child

2012 11 13_CS120web

Is there anything as special as being pregnant (or “with child” as my parents’ generation would have said) at Christmas time?

2012 11 13_CS116web

I realize it is a bit out of fashion to LOVE Christmas these days, but I do (more about that in this old post). As pointed out in The Sensationalism of Holiday Stress, moms—and the media--- tend to focus on the demands and exhausting expectations of the holidays. I love the above article because it clarifies that we have a choice to opt out of holiday stress. And I have to link to one of my favorite posts about keeping the holiday simple, by the always wonderful Lori Pickert.

2012 11 13_CS114web

Nothing invokes the spirit of advent the way that pregnancy does. Advent is exactly what I love about Christmas---that it isn’t just about one day, the big birthday celebration on December 25th, but that it is a whole season of preparation. Advent literally means “coming” and advent is the season of preparation for what is coming; so pregnancy is basically 40 weeks of advent rather than the usual four!

2012 11 13_CS117web

I hope that people of all faiths can find meaning in the nativity story---this idea that real power comes in the most humble of forms. Not from wealth or class standing, but from vulnerability--- is there a more vulnerable image than an expectant mother traveling in her final trimester and finding “no room at the inn”? 

2012 11 13_CS122web

I want to thank Chrissy for choosing me to capture a moment in her pregnancy. What a wonderful way to show your child how anticipated and how wanted he or she was even before birth.

May we all relish these quiet days of short sunlight to look within and prepare for all that is coming in our lives and in the new year!

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  1. beautiful, beautiful portraits :)

    i love Christmas, too, and i love a slow, peaceful holiday, as you know. ;o)

    thinking of you guys — our card is coming, but it’s late! (and it’s not lego this year, unfortunately ;o)

    could you pretty please update that link to the new site? :o) the new one is here: — unfortunately the old site won’t be there forever!



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