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Best of 2012: Favorite Songs

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[Pardon the note to self, who will undoubtedly return here at this time next year and wonder where the above photo was taken. Austin, Texas, 2007. You’re welcome, future self.]

It’s tradition, for some of my best friends and some of my siblings, to wrap up the year with a list of our favorite music, movies, and books from the year. I love it, yet I always drag my feet and swear that this new year will be the year I keep better track of everything so writing the letter will be a breeze next year.

Maybe 2013 will be that year. You can check out the best of 2011 lists here, and the best of 2008 here, 2007 music favorites here.

There have been few years when I was as dependent on music as 2012. I played the same playlist most of the year, many of them old favorites rediscovered. Several of them were highlighted here in my Light52 series. Almost none of them are new, but they were my favorites this year:

  1. The Scientist as sung by Willie Nelson
  2. A Minor Incident by Badly Drawn Boy
  3. After the Storm by Mumford & Sons
  4. Just Breathe by Pearl Jam
  5. This Woman’s Work by Kate Bush
  6. The Heart of the Matter by Don Henly (I know…but I still love it)

There were new discoveries as well. Thanks to Aidan, I’m well-versed in what 10-year-olds are listening to these days (his favorites were The Wanted’s Glad You Came & Chasing the Sun, but we heard a lot of We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, and The Star Wars That I Used to Know). We over-played Augustana’s Boston in honor of his year-long preparation for a class trip to Boston. Other new-to-me songs that were on steady replay:

    1. Stubborn Love by the Lumineers and their whole album
    2. Lovers’ Eyes by Mumford and Sons
    3. That Wasn’t Me by Brandi Carlile, and What Ever Did I Come Here For, Promise to Keep, as well as her recording of Hallelujah
    4. You & I by Ingrid Michaelson
    5. Losers by Belle Brigade
    6. Yellow by Renee & Jeremy
    7. The Auld Triangle by Glen Hansard and Damien Dempsey (which always led Bri to ask “What are you listening to?!”)
    8. Lonely Boy by the Black Keys (hat tip to CeCe & Rick for that great CD)
    9. Feel So Close by Calvin Harris (FYI:our version says “radio edit”)
    10. It’s Nice to be Alive by Ball Park Music (f-bomb warning)
    11. Salvation Song by the Avett Brothers

I am always eager for a new favorite song that I can play endlessly, my way of fast-tracking Brian’s path to sainthood. Please do enable in the comments!

Tomorrow: Best movies of 2012 (or the best movie of 1945 that I saw in 2012)

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  1. Love it! Will have to study your songs to see what we have... because song names escape us whole-album listeners ; ) Books are coming up for me next!


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